Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd / Faulty Trojan INV-150 150AH/12V Tubular Batteries

Trivandrum, India
Contact information:
Phone: 9497004577

On 15th Jan 2014, I purchased a Su-Kam Combo package Solar PCU 2000VA/48V system. I made this purchase at Varkala, Trivandrum in Kerala through an authorized agent ‘Genesis Solar World’ located in Trivandrum.

The package included the following components:

1. Solar PV module 250WP/24V -8 Nos.

2. Power conditioning Unit 2KW/48V -1 no.

3. Trojan INV-150 150AH/12V Tubular Batteries – 8 Nos..
Unfortunately, the system has not performed well ever since it was installed with frequent breakdown and interruption of service. The issues with the unit include fungus formation with battery links wearing out every couple of months. With hardly 9 months into operation, the Power conditioning unit too failed with faulty cards and had to be replaced.
I made contact with the agent 4 times in the last 6 months when the unit broke down, who in turn had contacted Sukam’s service department to rectify recurring issues.
The unit is provided with a warranty of 36 months for the battery & PCU and 25 years for the solar panels. However, with such frequent breakdown during the first year of operation, I fail to understand how this unit can be run on a long term.
SU-KAM POWER SYSTEMS LTD has its corporate Office in Gurgaon, Haryana and I have not contacted them directly as the purchase was done through their Cochin office.
I requested Su-Kam, Cochin office to replace batteries & PCU to ensure trouble free operation. However, they refuse replacement stating that their products are of good quality and that it is normal for batteries to wear & tear during 2 years of operation and periodic maintenance is the solution to this problem. The reality is that the batteries experienced failure within the first 9 months of operation. Each battery cost around Rs 12000/-.


Rajeev Ravindran

Jun 10, 2015

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