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My future mother-in-law purchased a dress that was on sale at Stylez for the Aisle. She generally wears a size 8 in regular clothing and the dress she found was a size 10. When she put the dress on it looked awesome except for the waist was obviously a little too tight. Mollie (the seamstress) said she is a "miracle worker". She said she could make the dress look appropriate on her and we trusted her with this. My future mother-in-law and I returned 2 weeks later, only to be VERY disappointed. Mollie claimed that she had let out 2 inches on the waist and the dress looked exactly the same in the waist. Furthermore, the bust was now 2 inches too big. The bust fit her perfectly on the initial fitting. Mollie said she would have to charge her to fix the bust when it was correct to begin with. Whats wrong with this pictuer? So I addressed these issues with Mollie who became very angry and proceeded to call me a "RUDE ###". I could not believe a professional business would call their customers such aweful names for trying to understand why the dress looked worse rather than better. We obviously left immediately.

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      Aug 25, 2009

    OMG! I totally DISAGREE!!! I purchased my gown from Stylez for the Aisle and had a wonderful experience. The shop is family owned and runned and they made me feel part of their family as well. They were nothing but professional and kind to me and my family. They went ahead and told me that bridalware is not like buying a dress off the rack and to expect alterations. They even gave me a choice to find my own seamstress or use one of theirs. I also ended up using Mollie and she was fantastic, even after changing my mind one week before the wedding she made my dream dress come alive!!! People need to understand that a seamstress is a dying trade and it was so hard to find one to do what I wanted. I was so thankful to Mollie that I would have paid double! It's too bad the women in the above statement had a horrible experience but I cannot thank Mollie or Stylez for the Aisle enough for all they had done for me.

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