stylesthatareamazing / Fraud, Harrasment

I purchased an item on ebay from this person, including shipping the total was $15.00. I sent a Paypal instant payment. The seller (stylesthatareamazing) told me it would take 3-5 days for payment to clear and they would ship after that. I figured they didn't understand Paypal instant pay, so I told them it was an instant payment, the funds are in their account already, and they should be safe to ship by the next day (if it was convenient for them). They came back commenting how Paypal is fraudulent, steals money etc. Every time I would respond they twisted what I said and ended up refunding my payment and told me to refuse the package. At this point I had no idea if the package had shipped or not, as the tracking number they gave me only supplied me with the info that the label had been printed but nothing had at that point, been received at the post office for shipment. When I imformed them of this, they said I was lying. I told them I would resend payment if and when I got the package, and they filed not only a paypal dispute, but within 10 minutes escalated it to a paypal claim. So there was a hold on my account while Paypal investigates it all. I once again send payment and they turn around and refund me again and tell me to refuse the package. All the while threatening me and telling me they are lawyers and saying I've demanded this and that. Then THEY demand I send them my lawyer contact info so they can file a suit in small claims court. It's totally absurd. Paypal told me to just wait for all the payments/refunds to clear, make sure I do not owe him, pay him if I do, and be done with it. So that is where I am now. I have saved every email sent and received with these people to prove I was never demanding or threatening but in fact they were.


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