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St.Xaviers Child Dev. Centre / Harassment to the child by the teacher as well as Headmistress

1 India

1. Teachers are using Wooden SCALE at Pre-Primary level.
2. Teachers are always screaming on children all the time.
3. Teachers are not co-operative with child and their parents.
4. Teachers are so confident that she conduct a common meeting of parent and announce that they are going to use SCALE in the classroom and she said openly if you want to complaint you can, she is not going to loose anything.
5. In other words they have full back support of the higher authority that is provided to them.
6. Teachers don’t give proper response to the parents who is not giving them gifts and they don’t give the child also to take part in other school activities. Opportunity is provided to those student only who are regular visitors to the teacher with some or the other reason with big or small gifts.
7. 60 students are dumped in one class. As per government rule is not more that 30-35 per teacher or per class.
8. If parent go and talk to the Headmistress she does not take necessary action and in revert she fight with parent only. Unnecessary arguments.
9. Taunting to children if the parent complaint about the teacher in other words taking revenge with the child. (Worse situation for child as well as parent).
10. Good response to only smart children and if the child is weak they just neglect the child instead of making them understand they punish them.
11. Child should be frightened by the teacher at Pre-Primary level. This statement is given by HM (Mrs.Varsha Sawant) of the school. (Just imagine the situation and think about child psychology about school).


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