Stuyvesant Gardens, Brooklyn NY / Unprofessionalism of management staff

Who do you complain to when you have dark floods, appearing to be feces overflowing from your kitchen sink, or your ceiling left with a giant gaping hole in your bathroom. You as if you can be given an estimated that someone will be coming back to complete the job, but maintenance tells you that they'll get to it when they can. You call out of work 3 days in a row, waiting, but no one shows up to complete the job. You call the management office, offer to leave the key for access to repair the problem, and the receptionist rudely says to you, no we don't hold keys and I told you they'll be out today and hangs up the phone. Still no one shows up to put a ceiling up. You go to work, to come home to a note on the door stating they showed up. No further appointment given. I'm afraid to have to live with an open, gaping hole in the ceiling. Afraid to lose my job. How would I pay my rent? I guess they figure I should be receiving public assitance anyways. So what if you lose your job. They want to make sure and remind me to stay in my lane, because you're a NYCHA resident/tenant, it's a courtesy of us to provide you with a Clean, safe living environment or the respect of the working class of the NYCHA Team staffing, if we choose to. Although, I work hard daily, to maintain being a respectable, clean, rent paying, non problematic tenant.

Stuyvesant Gardens, Brooklyn NY
Stuyvesant Gardens, Brooklyn NY

Dec 01, 2016

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