I bought on 21st of December a watch through called Symphony Saturnalia Brumalia.
The watch runs much more faster than real time, he goes ahead with around 5 minutes / hour and 2 h per day.
the watch is exposed also on the website here
on the back of my watch is a diferent code than it is on the website.
mine is ST 99211 while there is ST 90911
they do a lot of marketing based on their Swiss provenience of the company but doing the reasearch i
found that their watches does not contain Swiss components but the calibers are made in China.
If their name would have been a true chinese one i would not have bought it, is y right to choose this.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New York, NY

They say in the warranty certificate that they have a customer service based in US Brooklyn but
i wrote an email to the customer service from New York and i did not get any answer yet.

They do not write on the warranty certificate where is produced but just that it is SWISS OWNED.
I believe that is not correct to state who owns the company because the shareholders can not influence
decisively the day to day activity of a factory, they can rest very well at home while the employees are all chinese
and work as they are trained in China in 50 years.
I am not from USA but i think is ilegal to not put on the product the country where was made.
The watch i received does not have any label, print or mark about the country where was produced.
Also on their website near the caliber code there is not stated the country of provenience.
If we check other watch company we can see that they state the country of provenience for the mechanics.

Jan 03, 2015

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