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Dear founder of Student of Fortune,
I was a tutor on student of fortune but yesterday, when I tried to Log in to my account, it says account locked. Then I found an email saying that my account was locked due to poor tutorials. This is the exact conversation that I had with student of fortune.

I'm a Student of Fortune tutor and I tried to sign in today and received an
"account locked" message. My username is kram and my email is
________. Since I can't log in, I searched for my profile and it
looks like it has been completely deleted. I'm extremely frustrated and
confused because I checked my email and spam folders and I didn't receive any
notice or reason why this might happen. I'm assuming that this is some kind of
mistake since all of the work on my account is original. Also, if there is
some issue with a tutorial that I have posted, I have no problem taking it
down if my account can be reactivated. Thank you.

Hi kram,

Thanks for your email. We sent you a notice yesterday, 5/29/12 at 2:57pm that
your account had been locked. Your account has been locked for operating
multiple accounts, moving money between accounts and selling poor tutorials.
We will not be reopening your account.

Regarding any payments pending or balance in your account, please contact us
after 120 days and we will process any money left in your account. During this
period your account will be under review by the Fraud Department and any
refunds will be issued that are necessary.


After that, I emailed them again saying that those account they accused to be mine are not mine.
We are working here as a team. Those account that have been involved and locked belongs to my team mates. As of now, I am really ashamed to my team mates. Their accounts have been involved even though they didn't do anything wrong. If it is possible, I request to unlock their accounts. They should not be involved in my problem. Also, I wish that you'll give me a second chance. I will promise that I will delete any poor tutorials I have posted and will only post my Original work, and if you won't give me a second chance, at least, please don't involve my team mates and please unlock their accounts. Thanks.

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      8th of Aug, 2012

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