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Stroud's Restaurant / Bad service

1 United States

For the past 3 years, I'd regarded Stroud's as one of the more special treats of places to eat in the Wichita area, but after my visit there yesterday, 02-09-07, I'm not so sure I'll ever go there again.

Before yesterday, I'd been given crackers to snack on before the meal, and I noticed that the people at another table didn't get crackers either, so this obviously cannot be attributed to any ineptitude on the part of the wait person, apparently management has decided that profit margins are too slim, so crackers are being eliminated as an alternative to raising prices.

I was also unpleasantly surprised to be given such a short straw in the glass of tea I ordered,
I had to practically stick my mouth in the glass to suck the beverage through the straw.

I specified that I wanted bleu cheese dressing on my salad, but the wait person interpreted this to mean bleu cheese chunks, and so an extra $0.50 was added to my ticket, another unpleasant surprise.

Even the chicken wasn't as good as usual yesterday, I thought my food came in less time than usual after ordering, the chicken tasted like it was either undercooked or on the verge of spoiling.

Granted, I was slow to drink the glass of tea I ordered, having not finished it until shortly before time to pay and leave, and although the wait person did ask me if I would like a refill, the refill I was brought was less than half-full, as if it was desired to give me the bum's rush out of there.

My complaints are probably an isolated instance, but as much as I like to vary the restaurants I dine at, it could be a long time before I go to Stroud's again, if I ever go again.


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