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Streamline Sponsoring/Chris Pearson/Kenneth Bittner / Ripped of with promises of a downline

1 Springfield, MO, United States Review updated:

I received this ad by email from Kenneth Bittner of Streamline Sponsoring:
Hi there,

I have some huge news for you
today. A new system has just
launched where you can honestly
earn $1, 000 a month with "zero"
sponsoring required from your end!

How? Because we do it for you!

All you have to do is lock in your
position to reap the incredible benefits
of this new profit soaring system!

Get The Details Here:

Your Success Mentor,

Kenneth Bittner


I signed up and ordered over $1000 of Shaklee products, and for months Kenneth and Chris said I would have a downline, just keep ordering. Guess what? No downline a year later. I could not afford the $1000 and would never have signed up for Shaklee except for their promises of a downline and income for me, no sponsoring required.

I called Chris and he never made good. I am in the process of contacting the legal department at Shaklee and will file a formal complaint with the FTC.

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  • Ke
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    Let me take a brief moment to accurately explain this situation. First of all, The Streamline Wealth System is no longer operating, and has not been for some months now, and for this exact reason. People who cannot appreciate others doing their best to help others. The Streamline Wealth System, was a great idea, to help many people in Shaklee grow their business. Chris and myself, gave up thousands of dollars in what would have been hefty 'fast start bonuses', to streamline those sponsorships under existing members.

    Secondly, for a while everything was rolling smoothly, people where happy, they actually got a check for the first time in their lives from network marketing. But then, there also came a time, when the marketing that was being done, did not work quite as well, and thus not as many people were being streamlined as in previous months. This is the time when you came in Martha. So, on Rocky's behalf, I apologize that the system did not work for you. But I can assure you that it did for many others. As in life in general, you simply cannot please everyone, it is impossible.

    Chris and I, worked feverishly to help produce some results, and streamline people under Martha.
    However, we simply were not sponsoring people at all. The marketing that was working superb in the beginning, stopped working, so Chris and I had to switch gears, and figure why it was not working. This takes time, we ordered new web designs, rewrote ad copy/sales copy and redid presentations, over and over again, to increase conversions. But still, just was not working.

    As far as an update, Shaklee is going beyond their reach to help Martha out, and have refunded her the $300 Starter Kit, and gave her $1000 for product purchases. So Shaklee is a fantastic company, and helped out, even when they simply did not have to by any means.

    In conclusion, I speak for Chris Pearson and myself Kenneth Bittner in that I can assure all persons, that we are NOT crooks, and in fact literally gave up thousands of dollars in what we would of gotten from fast start bonuses, to place those people under other people, so they in turn would be compensated. No one else does this! Quite frankly I see why now, because people expect for you to build their business for them, it does not work that way! You are responsible for your own business! If you get help from your upline time to time, excellent! But ultimately you control the outcome of your own business.

    Thank you kindly,


  • An
      9th of Oct, 2010
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    I am EXTREMELY wary and leary of getting involved. Shaklee makes a good product I will not contest but they are overpriced. It is nothing more than a pyramid. Buy in, pester friends family and anyone you can to get in under you and you can make $$$$$. I can get the same benefits from taking swanson vit's and diet and excercise.

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