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Streamline Auto/ Uhaul / poor service

1 Pantego, TX, United States
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So i finally got moved to Abilene before Christmas, I ended up using uhaulsucks to do the move. I made a reservation online for the truck and picked up from some back alley franchise place less than 3 miles from the uhaulsucks service center in West Arlington (this should have been the first sign) the employee told me that if i returned the truck early and under the allotted amount of miles I would recieve a partial refund for doing so...

So I think to myself I can do a move from 2nd story apartment drive 200 miles in 4 hours and move into a 2nd story apartment in less that 24 hours and get the truck turned back in the following day and get a partial refund.

It was nice that day prolly about 65 degrees outside @ 10 am so i get started and get everything loaded up and i am on the road by 3 pm. I get to Ranger, Texas which is about the 1/2 way mark to Abilene and realize that a cold front has blown in and it is cold prolly 30 degrees with the wind chill and all i have on is a windbreaker, polo shirt and a pair of river shorts and all of my clothes are inside the uhaul at the front of the truck.

I make it to my new place around 730 pm and try to find the cowboys-ravens game on tv but i am screwed because its on the nfl network. I start unloading and it is really getting cold outside. I think about saying forget the early return on the truck and just crashing out on the sofa and starting early in the morning but decide not to because i can get a partial refund and the sooner i get unpacked the faster I can get to my warm clothes boxed up in the front of the cab of the uhaul.

So I unloaded the truck til 4 am in shorts and polo shirt--- the low temp that night in Abilene was 20-something, the wind chill was ungodly I get up the next morning gas the truck up and get it turned in 18 minutes before the 24 hour mark on the contract and i am pretty amazed that I pulled it off all in less than 24 hours. So i ask the guy @ the drop off what the refund to my card would be and he just kind of laughed and said "they told you that? ' and he goes on to tell me that they tell people that all of the time and proceeds to tell me that there is no refunds for turning a truck in early and under mileage. Uhaul wll charge you for going over the mileage and keeping the truck out past the due date, but they give you no credit for returning it early. He tells me to call customer service and raise hell and they will partially compensate me for my troubles...

Uhaul customer service was a joke, I filed a claim and was told someone would contact me within 48 hours and they actually did (first time uhaul kept their word) 2 days later as i am laid up on the couch sucking down bottles of nyquil and eating benadryl like thay were m&m's because of the cold i picked up from working through the night. I get the call the rep offered me 30 dollars in uhaul bucks for my next rental and didnt even apologize...I was so pissed that they thought they were gonna buy me off with 30 dollars in uhaul bucks as if I was ever going to use them again. Since i wasnt satisfied with the offer someone from Management would call me back in 48 hours. I guess they have so many complaints it takes them 2 days to resolve an issue. No one ever called me back, i waited 7 days and fired off another email to customer support, got a call back this morning from some ### in fort worth who was insistant that no one promised me a refund for turning the truck in early, he claims that the owner was at Streamline Auto that morning that i picked up the truck ( which he wasnt, if he was he must have been under the desk) and that the owner never promised me a partial refund for turning the truck in early..

bottomline...uhaul sucks...i screwed up by not callin Penske Truck Rental, their rate for a 24 hour one way 1000 usable miles 157 dollars, 100 less than i paid. UHAULSUCKS.


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