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I applied to Strayer in 2014 only to be mislead. I was informed and also verified that my Financial Aid was approved and I could start attending classes. In the middle of the semester Strayer informed me that my Financial Aid did not go through and that I would have to pay 3200 or my classes would be dropped. There has to be someone new students should be able to speak with to get this issue resolved.

Dec 23, 2015
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      Aug 31, 2017

    I am currently enrolled at Strayer University 2017 Summer Courses. Strayer is playing a financial Aid gain game. I absolutely told them that I would not enroll into classes until 100% sure that my financial aid has gone through and that my classes are paid for. The process started on 5/30/17, today is August 31st 2017. Verbally and within the presence of my witness to the fact, they assured me that my education was paid for and I was ready to start classes. I even attended orientation and was told that my financial aid was completed and I was okay to start classes. However 3 weeks into the semester on the student web portal they said that I needed more documentation for my financial aid and had 'RANDOMLY' been selected for a verification process. I had my documents uploaded as needed by the school itself. When I uploaded the documents from home the system would show received, and later would show needed and that is why I would get Strayer to upload all of my documents. This made me upset because they keep asking for the same documents, keep coming up with more documents needed, keep making me do all of this unnecessary actions and finally I realize that I too am one of their scam victims! I talked with fafsa and they let me know that everything for financial aid is good on their part, but Strayer is not releasing my aid or disbursing any refund check to me. If you are reading this please take note...what college or university would enroll you into classes without first receiving payments for those classes? What University would tell you your financial aid is good to go and 3 weeks into the semester come up with some other task for you to complete. This is unethical behavior because they lie. I have proof and witness who have overheard the conversation as I had them on 3 way and they did not even know it! When you call them they leave you waiting for more than 30 minutes, and they will try to confuse you as to why you have not received any award. Now here comes the big monster! I checked into my awards section and all of my financial aid is in the STATUS OF ACCEPTED. The kicker is that the ACCEPTED is for 2 years...I have not authorized aid for 2 years. Tomorrow I will call and report their unethical behavior as I believe I am in the middle of one of their ongoing scams. They have the aid but refuse to give the difference to me. And worse if I want to go back to a well known College since they have accepted my aid then perhaps I cannot apply for financial aid at the REPUTABLE COLLEGE THAT I USE TO ATTEND. The total for my financial aid is approximately $30, 000.00 and this is my first and believe me last semester at Strayer. The reason some people have great things to say about Strayer is because they are not scamming every single student, only the unlucky ones like myself. I think that Strayer is trying to encourage me to drop out, but I wont give them that satisfaction. I have received aid from other colleges and they will never let you start one day of class without having payment/ financial aid. They outright lied to me and I have verbal proof of this. Do not attend Strayer because even if they don't scam you at first they may do so towards the end. I theorize that they will pocket my financial aid which is approximately $6000.00 for the semester, but $30000.00 which I never agreed for them to try for aid for all of those semesters (I never planned to finish my degree there anyways). And on top of the aid I bet they plan to try and get an additional approximately if not more $4000.00 each semester money. I am going to file a complaint and file a lawsuit because I have concrete proof that they lied to me and assured me that my financial aid has covered my classes. On the verification they keep requesting documents that I have already submitted several times, by the office of Strayer University. THIS SCHOOL I PROMISE IS MISLEADING AND PARTICIPATING IN FINANCIAL AID FRAUD. If I am wrong I will update this post. I will update this post anyways because I always hate it when people don't say what was the conclusion to their case. I am reporting them as was advised by FAFSA and if possible taking legal action. In the media there is constant chatter about students ripping off financial aid, but I have never heard of an institution ripping off the students and the government. This is so bad and discouraging. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND STRAYER UNIVERSITY. YOU WILL WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND MONEY. ATTACHED IS SOME FILES WHICH BACKS UP WHAT I WAS SAYING. Keep in mind verification should by no means take up 3 months time and then after 3 months say that the original first document sheet is not legible. They are stretching out time, but lets see how they play with time in court!

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