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Strayer University / incompetency

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I have been waiting to receive my financial aid since the fall quarter 2009, and now I am in the winter quarter and my financial aid has not been released. Strayer University’s incompetency and unethical practices has caused me to continue to have a financial issue as well as an academic issue.

I registered for classes and repacked my financial aid on October 12, 2009. Classes had already begun at this time and my financial aid was held up because of a transcript from my undergraduate degree.

My transcript did not arrive until a month and half later. However, my financial aid process did not update because of an incorrect entry of my social security number from my previous interest in the school in January 2009.

Nevertheless, once the social security number was corrected, classes for the fall term had come to an end. I completed my courses with a 4.0 g.p.a. I was then informed that my extract needed to be updated to release my financial aid for the past fall quarter.

Winter courses started on January 11, 2010 and my financial aid extract had yet to be updated. I was initially informed that I was unable to register for winter courses because my financial balance was over 3900. Consequently, the day classes began I was informed that I was the able to register for classes although my financial aid had yet to be released. I was then registered into two classes EDU500 and CIS500, but was unable to access them through I had completed my last quarter by using this website to access my online classes. When I inquired about resolving this additional issue, within a week in a half later the issue was resolved and I had to login into a different website to access my online classes for the current quarter. I informed my CIS500 instructor of my inability to access my online class as soon as I had received an email from him about class work. I later informed my EDU500 instructor only when I was able to access my online classes. At the time of accessing classes, I had almost two weeks worth of work to catch up on and had to start on week three. At this point I am overwhelmed to continue with courses because I am unable to catch up with school work and continue with emergent current assignments. In addition, I am unable to purchase my required school books to complete course work because I still have not received my financial aid. Furthermore, I am approaching midterms in week seven. Therefore, I am forced to drop my courses and withdraw from this school.

There is a steady pending issue of my financial aid that is not being resolved. I have been in correspondence with the Business Officer Manager, whom just recently forwarded an email I sent him to the corporate office for additional assistance. It is now February and my extract has yet to be updated, resulting in a lack of proof showing completion of fall quarter courses and the release of my financial aid. I have documentation through email correspondence, pictures of what I viewed when I tried to access my classes, and what information I received from accessing my sofa account.

The latest news: I finally received a reward letter, but it only covered the winter quarter so they retracked it. I am still at ground zero, because I have not received funding from fall quarter neither winter quarter. i get a call maybe once a week, saying the same thing: "I just want you to know Ms. Ceasar we are working on it." I am so frustrated and overwhelmed with a great deal of stress. I wish I never had applied for Strayer in the first place!

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  • Ki
      28th of May, 2010
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    I am currently going through the very same thing with my financial aid. I have been trying to resolve the matter for over two months. Everytime I called they would connect me to the same person, but of course I kept getting her voicemail. I have left over ten messages for her over the past two months and she has yet to return any of my calls. Whenever I did speak with someone else they kept telling me that it would be released soon and I am still waiting. I finally spoke with the manager and told him all my concerns and inability to resolve the matter and he promised to fix the situation or atleast let me know something my the next evening; I am still waiting and it has been a week. Yesterday I went in the office again and spoke with someone else he looked into the situation while I was there and he is telling me it has to do with Sofa's technical team. The person from sofa was to resolve the issue and call him back then he was to call me and let me know something either way. Of course I received neither. I called today and I had to get someone else to physically ask him about the status. All he had to say was that Sofa did not call him back. This entire school is a joke; it is ridiculous.

    Strayer University
    Chamblee Campus, GA

  • He
      23rd of Aug, 2017
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    @Kimmyfran05 Ask for an audit and contact the department of education. Here is there corporate info if the local people will not talk with you.
    Contacts for Corporate Alliances
    2303 Dulles Station Blvd
    Mail stop 6E Herndon, VA 20171/
    Phone: 703-561-1710

  • He
      23rd of Aug, 2017
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    I was attending Strayer University. I decided to go back to college this year. However, I wanted to know if I had any VA educational benfits left. I was told yes, I have benefits left from the VA. However, Strayer told me when in my last two years attending between 2007-2012 that I did not have any benefits. The VA told me they gave the school over $25, 000 toward my education. They never applied that money to the degree. I requested an audit of the report from Strayer University. Strayer took out excessive amount of loans on my thru the Department of Education. They also stated that they gave the $30, 000 in refund checks in February of 2011. I did not received any checks. The Business said he does not know if they had given me paper checks or direct deposit for the time period. They reported to the Department of Education, that I owed $60, 000 in loans. It doesn't make since they say that the classes was $1450 or $1665 when I was attending, I only took 38 classes because, I transferred out once to take course at another college.

    The amount for the undergraduate was not even that amount it was on $1295 for one of the years.

    The math is not right. If I paid for 40 class at 1665 the total would be $66, 600, however why wasn't the $25, 000 from VA applied. I also got over $2000 in Pell, that was not applied. I paid over $3, 000 out of pocket cost myself. However, the audit showed they had excessive amounts government loan, va money and personal money being given to them. Why are they ripping off our Veterans.

    I hope that I can help someone else stop from getting ripped off.

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