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I signed up for the interior design program at Startford. The cost of the course was 999$. I received my materials which were outdated, irrelevant and from the late 80s and early 90s. This is design. You can't teach students with materials from the 80s! I called and expressed that I was unhappy with it. The administrator says "no problem, you are not obligated to continue the course." I'm thinking "great!" Two weeks later I receive a letter in the mail saying I owe 200$ though I've been making payments of 40$ a month for four months. So I call and say "I wasn't told there would be a fee" an apparently they don't think they need to tell you there's a cost associated with cancellation! And then they charge me 45$ for materials I have never touched and I can't ship back, because they don't allow that. And then they charge me anotherr $149 for "lessons supplied but not services" WHAT ###!! They are dishonest thieves with crap materials and crap lessons and ### lessons! Never mind that they expect you to submit all your projects an exams by mail and wait two weeks to get it back! Unbelievable! I called and said again - that I looked online at the contract which says tht cancellation after 5 days without lessons submitted will be charged at no more than $150. So I asked why I'm being charged an excessive of $350 and she said that's an updated 2014 contract not yours. So I asked why they wouldn't honor it and she replies "it's not your contract that why. You're putting the blame on us and that's not the case. You had a contract". Ok. It's my fault tht you people offer education that I can look up on YouTube for free that's 100x ore informative and current than your ### classes?! And it's my fault that I didn't like your materials and so I have to pay you over a third of the cost of the program for not liking it, not submitting even one lesson ? ###! These people are SCAMMERS and I would tell you to hit the ground running if you were even remotely CONSIDERING an education with Stratford career institute! Every conversation has been immature, and unprofessional with every administrator. They don't want to help you. They want your money. They didn't tell me the costs of this, they didn't offer me another program, trey didn't apologize. NOTHING. just kept saying "it's in your contract" well it's a ### scamming contract. I would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND any "service" they offer because they WILL screw you over and take advantage of you without a care.

Aug 15, 2014
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  • Su
      Aug 28, 2014

    I just received a Stratford Career Institute invitation (post-card size) to sign up for their one of their 50 programs. YEAH, right. Their $400 Off Regular Price Tuition as well as other data using words like "Convenience, " Affordability, " "Trustworthy" and "Support" were NEGATIVE as far as I am concerned. I check EVERYTHING I receive for "COMPLAINTS" on the Internet, phone calls, Internet Links, U.S. Mail, local newspapers, magazines and TV. As a result I have found that the 21st Century leaves much to be desired insofar as to the level of competency in today's workforce, i.e., call Medicare with a question and IF it's a female nine times our of ten you will received a "I don't know" answer. Thank goodness I do NOT have to grow up in this century. I rest my case!

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