Strategic Printing & ManufacturingContact me before you contract with them to print for you. They may just decide to be your competitor.

I searched various companies to make samples for me from SGIA associated professional printers. This company did not have a machine at the time but acquired one soon after i contacted them and called me when they did, and become my contract printer for a period of time. My business slowly died and much later I found out they started their own competing company. Hey they never signed a NDA, thus legally they had all rights to do so. But I had never seen this happen before in my career of working with companies in 30 years. Thus before you contract any printing with them know they have at least one person not impressed with them. What is also strange is i found a article of some sort where they were claiming they came up with the idea of printing keyboards. Please contact me before you contract out any printing with them.

Jan 10, 2015

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