StraightTalkcustomer service and mobile service

Ok I am a new customer with Straighttalked I had their service almost a month it started off bad the first 3 days they told me I done use my 5 gb not possible I have been with a few provider's I never used 5 gb in 3 days I think they are cheating us customer out of data and the customer service is really bad I had a guy lastnight told me I was a liar last weekend a Straighttalked customer service told me that they was given me a free$45 Straighttalked services card on them because all the trouble I had with their service dropped calls it takes me 15 minutes to get on websites one more thing false advertising it said on there websites if I enrolled in the reward program i will get a free month of service never got it soon my plan is to renew I am changing provider they lie and false advertising

Feb 03, 2017

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