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I was informed that my son's FELON biological father who DOES NOT have custody or even visitation would be permitted by Stow Schools- to walk in at any time and TAKE MY CHILD FROM SCHOOL, just because he's on the birth certificate. I did not include his felon biological father on the Emergency Medical Forms, but that does not matter to them. In the begining of the [protected] school year i registered my son at Stow. While registering I was informed by the employees at the Allen Rd School Board office of this. That means my child, or any child in a similar situation, is NOT SAFE. Also, my son's name was change at the age of ONE from his fathers last name to mine. Stow Schools would not honor my COURT DOCUMENTS. They ignored all requests of mine and documentation of LEGAL NAME CHANGE from Summit County Courts and put everything under his old name THAT HE DOES NOT EVEN KNOW! He does not even know the original name because since the age of one he has gone by my last name- LEGALLY. The early years are most crucial in a child's life. A bad experience in school such as being called by a name that's not yours, or allowing you to be KIDNAPPED, can destroy a child's chance for a positive future they all diserve. Stow Schools invite these problems to childrens lives for a reason that seamed to a response to a woman in the office who had her own bad experience with her divorce. ( AS SHE CARRIED ON ABOUT!) Needless to say in the best interest of my child, he WILL NOT be attending Stow Schools, because I care about his well- being.

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      Aug 20, 2009

    I don't really see how your sons father would be allowed to pick your son up from school? When you fill out that emergency form and all those other forms at the beginning of the school year, there are multiple times where they ask you to tell them who is allowed to pick your child up. It doesn't matter whose on the birth certificate. My daughter is going into the 2nd grade and I've never had to show the multiple schools shes gone to, her birth certificate or at least I don't remember ever having to do that?! If they allowed the father to pick your son up, you could so easily sue the school for this!

    I'm not really sure what to tell you. Is there a different school he could attend maybe? I mean this would be such an easy situation for the school to get in trouble with! So I don't know if you would want to try threatening them and letting them know you could sue them. That's up to you though! Maybe contact a lawyer and find out what options you have!

    Good luck with this!

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