storm heating / Disgraceful customer service

1 England, Greater London, United Kingdom

A truly abysmal company which abuses its position as insurance-appointed plumbing / heating contractors for domestic emergencies. If you politely ask them what time their engineer is coming, or how many jobs s/he has to do before they reach you (or which parts of town these jobs are in) the operations manager will simply level abuse at you down the phone, tell you that you are not entitled to request such information, and threaten to refuse to come altogether. If they give you an ETA at all, they will breach it without considering it necessary to inform you, let alone apologise. And if the engineer arrives, the company will have the chutzpah to phone the next day to "arrange" the follow-up work you surely wish to pay them to carry out for you. Advice: If your insurance company offers to send round a plumbing / heating engineer, do make sure to ask the name of the contractor. If they tell you it's Storm, check whether they have alternative contractors. Whatever the alternative is like, they can't be worse than Storm.


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