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Store item / Bad Product & Poor Service

1 Greenville, SC, United States

Purchased a cheap electric razor so I did not expect much. Got home with it and it was not just defective but had been used and whiskers still in it. Was a return and never checked just put back on the shelf. I called the store to report it and was put on the phone with the Manager. The Manager could have cared less. Never cared about it being used and put back on the shelf - could not have cared less that I had to make a 70 mile round trip to return it. Never once bothered to say he was sorry this happend to me. All he could do was give me the bums rush and raise his voice everytime I tried to say anything.

I tried in vane to let him know this was a health issue placing a used razor back on the shelf. Bad enough it was defective but also nasty and for sure ladden with some elses germs and anything else they might have. I was never able to get this point across.
I was never able to get much of anything across to this person, he could not have cared less. I have called the Home office and just got a low level employee with no resolution. My experience is that they have no concern about how they do business and no customer relations. They could careless about your health or well being and are nothing more than nasty to try to talk to.

Had it been me I would have first appoligized for the problem and ask if there was anything other than an exchange I could do for them. I would have told them yes you can check returns to make sure this never happens again. That would have been the end of it for me. Now I will take this to the BBB, the Health Dept., the FTC and the State Comsumer Protection Div. How smart do you have to be to be a Harbor Freight Tools Manager?

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