Store # 11692 Blountstown / server: bonnie

My husband and I went to the drive through last night and she cut him off as soon as he gave her our order and told us to drive around. He didn't get a chance to tell her that we had a meal coupon or even ask us if they completed our order or what size we wanted for the meals that we ordered. She automatically upgraded the meals. When we pulled up to the window that pay my husband gave her the coupon and she got upset. She told us in the most rude mannerism that "next time in the future please tell me that you have a coupon before I ring it up" and slammed the window. We couldn't believe how rude she was to us especially when she cut us off in the ordering process and he didn't get a chance to tell her. The. She proceeded to talk about us to other workers as she is waiting to fill our order. The. She hands our bag of food to us and in a condensending attitude tells us to have a good night. We have never been treated so rudely as we were last night. I also noticed that she was not in uniform and was dressed unprofessionally lounge wear with long ungroomed fingernails and hair. I can't imagine her behavior and appearance to meet standards set by your company and her manager should really evaluate her abilities to work with the public.

Nov 25, 2017

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