I called to cancel my auto warranty within the 30 days grace period before it kicked in. The rep asked for the reason to cancel.I told him "I do not want the warranty anymore". He asked, why I do not want it. I told him that 'I just do not want it". He said, he stiil did not understand why I do not want it and that I should help him understand why.I was getting inpatient and I told him that I did not care if he understood or not, it was not my responsibility to help him understand. I reminded him that when I phoned to pick up the warranty with them, I was not asked to make them understand why I wanted it neither did I explain to anyone why I needed it.I also reminded him that I was told that I could cancel anytime, and that if I did within 30 days, I would get my full deposit back. He said, it was not his fault but that his system would not accept "I do not want it" as a reason.That I should help him with a reason, so that his system could let him enter it in.I was stunned! He repeated again, that the problem was not him but his system. This went on foor 30 minutes, I was exasperated and hung up.
Some days later, I called again.This time a different rep came on the phone.I informed him that I was going to record our comversation as per federal law required that I inform him.He said I could go ahead. I requested to cancel the popicy.He repeated the same script as his colleague did, days prior.He then told me to call customer service next day, which I did. Customer service asked me to put my request in writing, more stalling from them. I realized that they were buying time to run out my 30 days grace period after which the policy kicks in and I loose my deposit. I wrote a letter of cancellation and sent it with the overnight mails. I sent a copy to my credit card company.Three days later, my credit card company sent me a notice that they contacted credit card company credited my account with the initail deposit. have not written to acknowledge receiving my letter even though I know they did receive it, as I requested for signature confirmation on delivery.They have also not written or called to say my account has been canceled.

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