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I am tired of the government ignoring people trying to make a difference not only in the world but for the world. I want this climate crisis to stop or at least go down animals are dieing people are dieing from global warming think of all the crazy storms that occur. The climate change has a big effect on that. Think of the country no think of the world we need to do something about this and fast. This Global Warming can cause another ice age. I want to get the United States Of America to reduce the use of carbon dioxide. Please think of us.

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      8th of Dec, 2009
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    Answer to global warming... everybody that truly wants to make a difference kill yourself! problem solved. Seriously though, we are looking at this all wrong. It's not anything different that we are doing that is potential causing "global warming" (which is a natural occurance regardless though i will agree that we may be accelerating it's natural cycle) none the less, the cause of global warming isn't green house gases, it isn't industry, the automotive sector, the cause is PEOPLE!!! The simple solution to global warming is population control, if there are less people there are less vehicles, less demand on energy and resources, etc. It all boils down the the fact that demand for everything has become so high due to population that these greenhouse gases are practically required just to keep up with the demand that's needed for basic survival. If we truely want to do something about this then all we need to do is control the population better. In china i believe? each family is only allowed one child, if they wish to have another there is a HUGE fee in order to do so. Regardless, if the world were to follow and limit each family to just one child the mortallity rate to birth ratio would slant so significantly that within 50 years the population would drop so significantly that these types of problems would correct themselves. I understand that this may not even be feasable, but i urge somebody, anybody that knows any expert on this matter to do some sort of research into my claims, this is an angle that nobody has even considered and it's frustrating that all these genious' scientists talk about is the problem and can't think of any solution other than "limiting green house gases". like really. I hope this gets out there to somebody that matters. My name is Eric Kucharski, today is the 8th of december of 2009.

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