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Stonewall Cleaners / Ruined Coat

1 Lee HighwayGainsville, VA, United States Review updated:

This is a brand new cleaners that just opened near Wegmans. I don't recommend it! In eating a Christmas goodie, I had sprinkled powdered sugar on the lapel of a cashmere coat. I brought the coat to the cleaners and was given a pick up date a week later. I needed to point out the powered sugar to the attendant who marked it with one piece of small blue tape.
When I returned to pick up the coat and checked it, there were scrape marks completely covering one front side of the coat. It looked as if someone had taken a razor to the coat.
The attendant gasped when she saw it, grabed the "paid" receipt from my hand and scribbled the word "STAIN" on it..saying that she would show the owner. She marked all the places with great lengths of blue tape. I could come back the next day. I did come back and was shown the coat again; there was no change and the owner was not there. At this point, the attendant lost her ability to speak English. I was given another time to return. This went on for 3 visits, the owner never appearing and never returning phone calls.
Finally I threatened legal action and received a call from the owner. First he said you couldn't see the marks, then he said the fabric was fragile, then he said it was stain I was seeing, then he back tracked to say it wasn't their fault. My $450 coat is ruined and the best they could do was offer the cleaning fee returned. When I picked up the coat and refused the refund, I brought my camera to take pictures in the setting; assuming the infamous owner and attendant would claim I took a razor to my own brand new coat! Onto small claims court I go!

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      10th of Jun, 2013
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    I brought a formal gown to this cleaner for alterations for a military ball at my daughters school. It was very big so I had doubts that it could be done. My daughter tried it on and they pinned it. They assured me that it could be altered to the size she needed and charged me $105 to do it. My daughter could not try it on when I picked it up as she was at school in NC so I trusted that it would fit. I drove 5 hours each way ($130 in gas) and delivered it. When she tried it on, it was so big that she could pull it off with out undoing the corset when it was tied as tight as it could be tied. It was about 4-5 sizes too big! My daughter had even gained 5 lbs since she was fitted. Also, when trying it on we noticed that one of the eyelet loops were ripped off on one side...very sloppy work. The eyelet was an easy fix by one of the dorm moms but there was not enough time before the ball to fix the dress. She was lucky to have a friend loan her a dress otherwise she would not have been able to go to this ball she had been so looking forward too.
    When she came home with the dress, I brought it back to them. I was upset about what happened but am a reasonable person. I told them that if they could just fix it correctly, she could wear it next year. They would not. They said it could not be done (It can be done, I have already gotten another opinion but they have already gotten their money). I told them that if they could not alter it then they should have said so. I wanted a refund if they were not going to fix it. They offered me a $40 store credit. This was a bit of an insult as they not only did not do what they said they would do but that they would not take responsibility for their mistake. I did not take the credit because I will never trust them with anything again as they have shown a clear lack of integrity. I would have taken a $105 store credit or for them to fix the dress as that shows responsibility. They were not willing to do either.
    This to me show an extreme lack of honor. I would not do business with these people. If things turn out good for you then great! but if they mess up- do not expect them to fix their mistake.
    I am extremely disappointed in the lack of responsibility in the way that they do business. I feel like they lost interest once they had their money. It is a shame when businesses take advantage of consumers in this way.

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      18th of Jun, 2013
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    They fixed the dress and redid the alterations. They did a very good job taking the dress from a size 16 to a size 5. I would delete my previous comment but am unable. I am glad that they resolved the issue.

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