Stones Signs / Street signs for a subdivision

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Our HOA agreed to contract with Stones for 4 new street signs and gave them a 50% deposit of $1886.33 in June2016. After seeing drawings and noticing drawing didn't match what we thought we ordered we requested a change to design before delivery of product. Stones re-quoted for $4058 more to accommodate changes to same 4 signs. We notified of our intention to cancel due to this drastic increase for same number of signs. Stones refused to refund deposit. We then met with him face to face in effort resolve and thought all issues resolved for a slightly higher price and agreed to pay for dig right survey again. In fact he stated with 3 witnesses the only repeat cost would be the dig rite survey which we all agreed to. This was in November 2016. Stones provided revised quote and drawings, we signed and returned them expecting work to proceed. This was in December 2016. Then in February of 2017 we called to check on work progress and was told we need to provide a totally new deposit and he was keeping all of old deposit even though we received no materials.

Mar 15, 2017

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