Stoneridge Car Wash / Horrible service and rip off

1 United States

Took my car to Stoneridge car wash during my lunch time. Considering the number of businesses in the area they would expect that a car wash can not take longer than about 40 minutes, and why should it!!!. Dropped my car off, there was one car in front of me already washed! Came back 45 min later to find them just pulling my car out of the wash area. How can it take 45 minutes to wash the outside of a car. A full clean inside and out is R50 which is reasonable. When I told him I will pay for the wash, but can not wait for them to clean the inside, he charged me R30 for a wash and go!!! I mean i do not even mind paying this for a wash and go if this is what i want, but to pay that and not have the rest of my car cleaned because they take 45 minutes to wash it is ridiculous. Rather take your car to the Engen’s car wash in Longmeadow, their service is awesome. I will never recommend Stoneridge car wash to anyone!!


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