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I received an ad in the mail featuring dental insurance from Stonebridge Life. I called and signed up for the coverage. This was in March 2015. They took my checking account information to withdraw the monthly payments automatically which gave me a little discount on the premium. I was told it would take the underwriters about 2 weeks to process the info and so I patiently waited. I called 3 weeks later and was told the application had not yet been approved, so I waited longer. I was told at that time that when the payment was deducted I would know that I had coverage. They took thew first payment out in May 2015, but I didnt receive a policy or dental cards at that time. When I called I was told that the policy and cards would arrive shortly, so I patiently waited again. May and June came and went and then in July, Stonebridge started taking out payments twice a month. When I called to complain, the person told me that I had become behind in my payments. I didnt know how I could possibly become behind since they were in charge of taking the payments!!! August came with another 2 payments, and agian I called. I was told again that I had been behind in my payments...the same thing happened in September. I became furious at that point and demanded an explanation, but at this point Stonebridege declared that they couldnt see any instance of them drawing money out twice a month.. At that point I demanded to receive the policy and cards!!! When I received the policy I noted that I had 30 days to cancel the policy and receive all my mopney I cancelled and sent them a "copy and paste" list of all the payments they had taken. Although they had taken 9 payments from me, I only received 6 payments of refund. They insist they dont see where they had taken more than they should have, and now they want my entire statements to prove I am telling the truth. I feel very uncomfortable sending them that information, but that is the only way they say they will reimburse me. It sure seems to me they are fraudulent since they dont even know how much money they took from me. Does anyone else out there distrust this???????????

Dec 05, 2015

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