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Stonebridge Insurance / Rip Off Unleashed

1 Lansing, IL, United States

Did you report this to your state's department of insurance? To make your policy stick, they have to have a licensed insurance agent sign off on it. I just looked this company up because I just attended a paid training from Americall Group. I didn't stay due to I don't like the moral of this. They are the telemarketers that sell for Aegon. They get their customer lists from J.C. Penney. If you have a credit card with J.C. Penney, you are in a contract with them. They are selling their customer contact lists for alot of money. Because you have a contract with J.C.P., you don't fall under the DNC list for Aegon or Americall. However, Americall will put you on their internal list, they will not put you on the DNC national registry. That has to be done by the consumer. I am just writing that part in general if anyone else is reading. Overall, this is a big scam. The whole training program from Americall is very fishy. I don't understand how the telemarketers are allowed to get the customer to agree to open policies "a trial that you can cancell if you call them" (Yeah right), and then they transfer them to a person who is supposed to be a licensed insurance agent to finalize the sale. They tape record the training, but they shut off the tape recorder from time to time. Plus, they are taking advantage of needy people that work under very strict, unfair conditions, making minimum wage. Then, if they get a sale, they try to get out of paying the worker their commission.They tape every call and have their quality control find something wrong with the way they made the sale. They even say that they didn't connect with the customer well, or their attitude wasn't positive enough. These companies should all be put out of business. If these employees are even one minute late, they have to stay an extra hour (even though they get paid). It is modern day slavery and the labor board, the department of insurance, and the attorney general need to do something about it. Good luck to all of you getting scammed

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