Stockton Mattress Company / Awful quality product

August 15, 2008 One day after the death of my father, my 85 year-old mother had someone take her to purchase 2 mattress sets from Stockton Mattress Company. One set was for her and the other set was for out-of-town guests coming to help with the services for her husband of 68 years. Within about 2 weeks, she realized the new mattress was really hurting her back. When we removed the covers, it was obvious that the mattress was swaying, breaking down and she was lying in a hole. She had someone take her to Stockton Mattress Company to discuss the problem. They told her that they have a no-return-sign posted and that she was basically stuck. (By the way, there is no mention of the non-return policy on the receipt). She convinced them to come inspect the mattresses within the first 3 weeks. They maintained that the problem was that she had to continuously flip and turn the mattresses, etc.

First of all, she went in person, confined to her wheel chair and the sales person did not mention the non-return-policy to her. Nor did the salesperson tell her that it was necessary to continuously flip the mattress and that the mattress would break down in the next couple of weeks. Of course, she would not have purchased the mattresses. I would think that this would fall under an implied warranty law. We have turned and flipped the mattress, it makes no difference. She is basically laying in holes. It is heart breaking to see that she is literally leaning and looks like she is falling out of her bed, where the 'new' mattress has broken down. My 85 year-old mother is quite ill and is confined to her bed the majority of the time. Now she has the added burden of figuring where she will find the money to buy a replacement mattress set, that she can sleep on. I feel that there should also be an investigation into what they do with the old mattress sets that they pick up when delivering the new one. Could it be those, that are being rebuilt? Are they being inspected? It is not right that the elderly, the uneducated, and the poor to be taken advantage of! So far, Stockton Mattress Company has refused to help her in any way. I cannot believe that it is okay to sell defective merchandise, the only requirement is to post a no-return-sign! And the consumer has no recourse!

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