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Hi I have been smoking sterling menthol superkings for nearly 10 years and was happy I was getting 20 cigs but then you reduced them to 19 at no price reduction they went up and to my disgust I just bought my usual 100 multi pack to see its 18 per packet and still the same can you justify leaving the price as it is and give less pay nearly 35 pound a time or nearly 7 pound a pack is not acceptable you should be reducing the may say well don't buy them then but if everyone who smokes them does this you be out of please can you make adjustments so I can continue to enjoy my cigarettes thank you. A reply would be apritiated too please

Jun 26, 2015
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  • Sk
      8th of Jul, 2015

    The reason why they're reducing pack size is because the tax on tobacco went up in the recent budget so instead of pushing the price into say £7.50 or whatever it would be. Mind price varies between location and shop, they decided to take 1 out last year when again the budget announced a rise tobacco tax so they took another one out. If a Brand like sterling which where I am in Scotland costs almost £7 for a pack, without removing two it could be £7.50 or whatever which pushes people into a new psychological barrier of cost. Brand loyalty is gone in the tobacco market so people are going cheaper so they want to keep the price down and unfortunately since most of the price is tax in the UK they can't exactly cut into their own profits and they can't deny the government tax so they're forced to chose what to do.

    Unfortunately with tobacco products being hidden now and no advertising on tobacco products other than online, you can't exactly blame anyone for no warning, only perhaps the checkout operator who failed to correct you when you asked for 19 or 20 pack of sterling menthol.

    By the way I'm not affiliated with the company but I'm just using logic of what I've read online.

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