Sterling Commercial Credit / compensation and lack of training by employers

1 Brighton, CO, United States
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Aerotek hired me for a contract-to-hire accounting position at a local, small, commercial-lending company (non-factored). $12/hr, no lunch breaks...everyone ate at their desks. Stuffy (no air) open office with heavily perfumed women. I received approximately 3-4 days of bare-bones training and then was 'on my own" with complex accounts that were extremely difficult to research exactly what they were paying with the checks and money wires they sent to us. I stayed a month...and it felt like a year. I did learn SQL (which was good), but the people were introverts and wanted nothing to do with training me. I was angry by week 2. When I asked good questions, I was treated like a [censored]. These people had no business hiring me in the first place! I'm furious that Aerotek placed me with such a crappy company. And I won't do contract work unless I'm desperate ever again! They're making money off the backs of the working poor who HAVE college degrees.

Oct 18, 2018

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