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Sterling Businesses / rip off fake reviews

1 Torquay, England, Devon, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Sterling businesses LTD owner Nathan coombe dodgy criminal - experienced time in challenge wood prison newton abbot for intent to supply class A Drugs to under cover coppers has now found a new way to fund his lifestyle! - After 3 years inside!

Yes anyone can post fake reviews on competitors so viewers can't really trust what people read online!

But there is only one Nathan Alan Coombe in England, his date of birth is on companies house website when you do a search.

This guy is disgusting, low life criminal who has left a bad trail of unhappy customers from closed down businesses. When you see him you will notice the steriod issues he is having!

If your that silly to invest into this company, before doing so you should invest in doing a criminal record check first!

He has stolen images from a couple competitor websites and pasted on his

He has copied word by word details of online businesses which are for sale from professional brokers! Same sales pitch and even reviews from other companies.

This guy is a Joke! His business model is a Joke! He even calls himself other names in all the emails because he doesn't want to be tracked!

He bullied one staff member at a competitors website because she was getting sales from the websites she was advertising on!
Nathan coombe slagged her off online and destroyed her modelling career!

I have a feeling he will come on here and say it's a competitor! SO WHAT WHO CARES!

Above is true! Which you will be able to find out for yourselves now that I've pointed you in the right direction! Check his criminal record like I've done! Be wise - be smart and play safe and don't get scammed by this scammer!

  • Updated by Karren2017, Sep 23, 2017

    Dear Nathan coombe

    Would you be so kind to explain your business model for the businesses advertised online?

    What proof can you give a potential buyer that you have the experience to teach and train people? What proof can you show in regards to running a eBay business yourself ?

    No one here has mentioned James being your employer strange that you mentioned that ?

    How long have you been advertising businesses online ?

    Maybe the best bet Nathan coombe make a video for us all to see ? Showing the answers to the above mentioned questions.

  • Updated by Karren2017, Sep 24, 2017

    This guy doesn't have a clue he copies articles from the internet and pastes on his own website to make viewers think he knows what he is talking about!

    Nathan Link

    Original article

    He changes the titles but the article itself is copied word word - don't forget guys you are paying thousands for someone to is meant to be experienced!

    So far all you've seen is stolen data from other websites to make his company look like they know what they are doing!

  • Updated by Karren2017, Nov 16, 2017

    Look what hes done to these two poor customers

  • Updated by Karren2017, Jan 30, 2018

    Small Claims court filed on this crook view below! rip off fake reviews
  • Updated by Karren2017, Mar 30, 2018


    Mr Nate - Nathan Alan coombe from sterling businesses ltd!

    Banged to rights! Police and under cover cops raided the offices for fraud! Taken all computers!

    This guy has been prison before so he isn't stupid. He was showing off on social media because wasn't quite enough evidence to to press charges.

    This is the guy! This is him! If you choose to visit this guy you will see it's him. It's all over rip off fake reviews rip off fake reviews rip off fake reviews rip off fake reviews rip off fake reviews
  • Updated by Karren2017, Mar 30, 2018

    Mr Nate - Nathan Alan coombe from sterling businesses ltd!

    Banged to rights! Police and under cover cops raided the offices for fraud! Taken all computers!

    This guy has been prison before so he isn't stupid. He was showing off on social media because wasn't quite enough evidence to to press charges.

    This is the guy! This is him! If you choose to visit this guy you will see it's him. It's all over

    South Devon and Cornwall police all over this! He is a crook. Been prison, arrested for fraud! Two small claims courts in one year. And many other people been scammed but not pressed charges.. court is very scary for alot of people! But Nathan knows the system so isn't worried at all! rip off fake reviews rip off fake reviews
Sep 22, 2017
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  • Na
      23rd of Sep, 2017
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    Yet another fake review penned by internet rogue James Kevin Manley also known as James Taylor of Torquay Devon who is in fact a competitor of my business and wasn't at point even my employer however he has taken upon himself to write loads of fake reviews trying to discredit my honest and legitimate company to further his own business and actual fact what he mentions about Channings Wood prison applies to him and not me at all as he spent 3 spells there ..surprise surprise for possession of drugs.

    I guess it's really just a measure of the man that somebody would stoop to doing this and to making up lies about a competitor to try and Dim their light to make their own light shine that little bit brighter and anybody with half a brain would certainly ask any business they're going to send money to for testimonials from previous customers or see examples of the work they've done and I can attest that we will certainly offer this to anybody interested in pursuing any services will businesses with us.

  • Ka
      24th of Sep, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @Nathancoombe Employer ?

    You've had a business with James for almost two years

    Do you care to answer the above questions.

  • Na
      23rd of Sep, 2017
    -1 Votes

    This another fake review from a fake account and anyone with half a brain and some common sense can see that - anyone wanting to speak with me or the team can easily contact us directly through any medium they may wish and everything we offer can be substantiated fully.

  • Un
      12th of Oct, 2017
    +1 Votes

    He claims on here that he doesn't sell ebay accounts and also on his he says he never has sold any.
    But take a look on the places he advertises he clearly shows ebay accounts for sale. Also offering eBay accounts on this other page

  • Mm
      4th of Apr, 2018
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  • Us
      3rd of Nov, 2017
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    After further investigation I've noticed these individuals have had some runnings with the courts lately so therefore I shale not be investing!

  • B4
      16th of Nov, 2017
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    Another Court Action being taken.. God Lost count now of all the small claims court

  • B4
      16th of Nov, 2017
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    Phone Number: 07960 663345
    Date: 01/11/2017

    Dear Trading Standards
    I have been scammed by a company who sold me a amazon account which later on find out that its breach of terms and conditions to resell amazon accounts.
    I purchased this account thinking that I would be buying a business and was no way a fraud or scam.
    After recieving the login details I was shocked to see someone elses name attached to the amazon account. This company gave me a stealth guide on how not to get tracked by amazon trading under someone elses name.
    The contents of the email are as follows:
    Please find attached the contract for the Amazon account you wish to purchase.
    This will be a stealth account with "Amazon ghost" step by step videos to guide you through the stealth process.
    I know everything there is to know about being "Off the grid" in regards to online auction sites so any questions please let me know.
    Once the 50% has been deposited I will send you the Amazon guide to help you avoid getting banned and start selling again.
    Let me know once you have paid.
    Thank you,
    PSA Holdings Ltd
    The owners have taken all my money and since closed down the company and not answering the phone. I managed to speak to someone once but they said they dont have a clue who I am and that I have the wrong phone number.
    The owners of this company is Nathan Alan Coombe and Jordan James Snell, The company is called PSA Holdings LTD - They have closed that company down and now doing the same under a different company called Sterling Businesses LTD
    Under the criminal offences under the Fraud Act 2006 of dishonestly making a representation which is untrue or misleading where the person making it knows that it is, or might be, untrue or misleading and dishonestly failing to disclose to another person information which he is under a legal duty to disclose, both offences requiring the intention of making a gain or causing loss or risk of loss to another person (sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006);
    Damages for breach of an implied warranty of authority if he concludes a contract on behalf of the company but exceeds his authority in so doing and the company is therefore able to set the contract aside; or in relation to wrongful trading or fraudulent trading by the company under the Insolvency Act 1986.
    I have lost £3000.00 to this company for missleading me and taken me down the garden path! This company has miss-sold me a business which is fraudulent.
    It is against the law to defraud customers and pocket the money and then close down the business and open a new one. I am happy to help you with this investigation.
    Small Claims court has been actioned today 01/11/2017

    Name: rafiq dudhwala

  • Da
      12th of Feb, 2018
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    So I was told today and later did my own research this guy used to work with and had companies with;

    James Marnley
    Jordan James Snell

    Nathan Alan coombe worked on a paye for almost two years with biz for sale ltd and profit ltd. I heard he got the sack because of complaints.

    Nathan Alan coombe had a company and was a 50% share holder and director of dna mussle ltd which James Marnley was the other share holder.

    Nathan Alan coombe was also a share holder and director of a company called psa holdings ltd with Jordan James Snell.

    Nathan Alan coombe is a scammer at the top of the chain in the scamming world. Now operating under a company called sterling businesses ltd web

    They have since sold broker franchises so now hiding under different company names so they do all the dirty work for them and of course get back handers.

    I believe they are working with DONE 4 U LTD who is selling fraudulent packages online. After looking into this company HMRC shows that they make around 30k a year. But claim to sell internet businesses for 2.5k making 40k a year. Well if that's the case why not run themselves...

    I feel sorry for the people who fell victim of these scammers and shouldn't allow them on there.

    If you have lost money you can claim your money back through the small claims court. It doesn't cost much and many people have been successful.

  • Da
      12th of Feb, 2018
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    View attached files hes changed his name again from Nathan Alan coombe to Robert Smith.

    He's changed his social media profile names to expand his scamming career!

  • Mr
      2nd of Mar, 2018
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    Almost got scammed by this fraudulent company!

    So rude over the telephone when mentioned didn't want to go ahead.

  • Gh
      4th of Mar, 2018
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    The £3000 payment was for 2 amazon accounts to give me a better head start to the business. I have since viewed amazon's terms and services and I am unable to purchase amazon accounts. The seller expected me to trade under the old companies details using their bank cards and accounts. I have tried contacting this company and the person's involved and they seem to ignore my calls and totally acting oblivious to even selling me these accounts. The guide this company sent me is also a fraud as it teaches you how to stay under the radar and ways to manipulate and hides details so that amazon do not detect the users. Nathan Coombe and Jordan Snell are both the guilty parties here and Jordan is the person I dealt with after being handed down by Nathan to deal with the purchase of the accounts.

  • Us
      6th of Mar, 2018
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  • Us
      6th of Mar, 2018
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    Nathan Alan Coombe from are being sued because they are refusing to remove copyrighted photos and articles from their website. Nathan Alan Coombe used to work for a company called Profit Ltd and also Biz For Sale Ltd and been a co-director with them. You can find this on companies house website!

    Sterling Businesses Ltd has ripped content off and placed on their own website to try and palm customers off.

    Be warned if you do business with them they are crooks!

  • Us
      10th of Mar, 2018
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    So I just read the sticky about people scamming people buy claiming to sell eBay accounts. I did a little google search to see how they do it. Turned up to a forum that I won't name for obvious reasons and what did I find?

    Not just people selling accounts, but someone had listed my account account for sale, claiming to be the owner of the account. I have no idea how they found me or my base, but I ended up reporting that post to moderators of that forum, and that brings be here at sterling businesses ltd!!

    Just a reminder that selling accounts, for the most part, is a complete scam. And you would have to be a down right knob to actually send someone money, thinking you will get an account that most likely took the owner months to create. 

    Also, I would NEVER sell my account, even if I was going on a eBay detox. Because I know in the end I will be back! Stay away from sterling businesses ltd they hack accounts!

  • Us
      12th of Mar, 2018
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    Serious SCAMMERS! Spent a day doing background checks on this criminal before parting with my money!

    Court Cases, Unhappy Customers, Prison, Drugs, Affiliated with other people who have scam reports online for years. Companies closed down after taken customers money! Calls himself lots of different names,

  • Us
      16th of Mar, 2018
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    Heads up people Nathan Alan Coombe due up in court on the 27th of this month!!


  • Ja
      20th of Mar, 2018
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    I have been buying and selling on eBay for over 10 years!

    I own 12 different eBay accounts all running under a LTD company!

    My 2nd account wasn't a good experience so I decided to buy my eBay accounts from a company called TRANSFER-AGENTS.CO.UK

    They sell all types of eBay accounts! Yes they are not the cheapest but at lease you get what you paid for. Call
    020 8133 6400 - WhatsApp: 07497325237

  • Na
      31st of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @JamesJackson How bizarre you should still be worried about me James if your on holiday and living the high life.

    This company detailed here as transfer agents etc is actually owned by the same James marnley/James taylor that’s putting all of these posts up and all these IDs are him. Even posting as James Jackson a personal friend of mine is quite ridiculous. Still I guess he is gutted I quit working for him and went off and did my own thing the proper way. Even got the email still with my resignation to him and profit and his one lined reply attached and I still have a phone filled with WhatsApp chats about hacking competitor sites of him doing exactly this type of thing he is doing to me to others like Danny butler in Leeds. Very underhanded James to still be bothering all these people and businesses with your nonsense reviews and you are proving that you can’t be trusted.

    If any one wants a full customer list of people james sold to when I worked there so they can ask them themselves what type of service they got from me as a person and then what happened when they were passed to James then just ask and I’ll email it over as I have all their names and numbers saved just in case he did something like this.

    Be very careful James. I see you also posted pictures of the day you got your office equipment back from the police after the raid on January 16th 2016 at Vaughan parade, Torquay. Unsure why you are telling people that what actually happend to you is what happened to me but there you go, another James taylor special and fantasy story at best.

    I have done nothing as yet to you and you have tried to ruin my business for 14 months now as well as loads of others in the same time frame but if you keep trying then trust me i will happily provide any evidence people want and put it all up for all to see, your choice.

    Shall we get hold of, , ,

    Foredown kennels
    The attic
    The foundry
    Crash manor
    Black and reds
    Online success academy
    Done 4 you ltd
    Jordan snell
    Plymouth boat trips
    Sun castle in Skegness

    Any of the dis and promoters you ripped of as hardcore resurrection or people like Mike Ahmet, Wayne Clarke, ash Mealy and many others also including Richard oswin ???

    You’re being very distasteful playing these games and I would have thought if you concentrated more on proper business done in the right way then you wouldn’t be rubbing all these people and companies up the wrong way.

    Oh, for your information sterling businesses has technically never once sold a single E-Bay account ever or amazon and though occasionally we advertise them for people, we do in fact pass the leads on to our broker friends who take them and deal with them.

    You have my address and you know where I live James so why not pay me a visit anytime you want and I’ll happily set you straight (or straighten you out) depending on how it goes?

  • We
      22nd of Mar, 2018
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    Hello All, Here is solid proof that this company has been paying actors on to leave reviews on themselves :

    How can you trust a company who leaves fake reviews to try and trick you out of your hard earned money!

    OSA.ME.UK And Nathan Coombe from Sterling Businesses Ltd, Done 4 U Ltd and Jordan James Snell, Search good and well you will see loads of scam reports. 100s of people have been scammed and ripped off by these guys.

  • Em
      24th of Mar, 2018
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    Take a look at what this poor bloke got for £3000.00 a eBay store which had no sales in three months =

    He left a good review 3 months ago maybe under the impression it was going to be better.

    Some of his adverts are misleading to say the lease! He used to work for my company and only did sales.. He didn’t learn any training on eBay, He managed to get hold of a small list of suppliers which are not proper manufactures they are more like retailers who offer a drop ship service and this isn’t good if you want to be competitive on

    He has also mentioned Dario Lopez in his listing! He has no connection with Dario Lopez – He uses his name to try and get your money. I have Dario phone number you can speak with him if you wish.

    You might not of noticed, He is very cleaver at tricking people! He has a number of different court cases on the go at the moment.


    By the time viewers find this post I am sure the links above will not work and this company will soon be out of business. This is another customer who fell victim of this scammer.

  • We
      26th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    This phone number is owned by Nathan Coombe from sterling Businesses Ltd.. He has changed his phone number again from 07875226836 to 07932445670 and he has some other phone numbers also. This guy is a scammer at the highest level! Research Google good and well and you will see many reports and court cases.

  • Un
      26th of Mar, 2018
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    He is due in court tomorrow at the small claims centre on the 27th! Taken someone's money for a amazon account and then blanked calls and closed his company down.. Sent the guy an ebook on how not to get tracked training on amazon under someone else's name and how to get a fake bank account.. This is called a stealth guide! He is in big trouble

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