[Resolved] Stephen T. Sullivan, Jr. / Unethical conduct, fraud

5 Red Bank, NJ, United States
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Anthony Raymond
973 Circle Drive
Baltimore, MD 21227


Anybody considering retaining using STEPHEN SULLIVAN and his firm, KEEFE BARTELS, should first read the following. He and his firm charged me $19, 000 to vacate a $7, 500 judgment, and to initiate a counterclaim. Their counterclaim was invalid because he “forgot” to include bailment, and he refused to use my witness who was deposed for eight hours. He and others in his firm refused to communicate with me after I paid them their exorbitant fees. To overcharge someone is the same as stealing. Sullivan and Keefe Bartels are dishonest, arrogant, and unethical. He provided only expensive ineffective counsel. I was offered an apology by Keefe for the way I was treated, only after I began posting my reviews of his firm. Keefe said he would refund my wasted fees paid to him. That was a year ago. Once again I was misled me and lied to. This firm cares only about money, not about their clients. The proof is how they treated me, and the losses I have suffered.

A brief overview is as follows:

I was a victim of consumer fraud. The company/person refused to return my property to me, and they sued me for $7, 500. I hired Keefe/Bartels to vacate the judgment, and to counterclaim for the value of my property. I had a witness who was deposed for 9 hours. The firm switched lawyers on me 3 times, and in the transition lost important evidence, both from my witness, and also important prices realized related to the valuation of my property. They also refused to return my personal property, nor pay me for the value of the memorabilia I trusted them with

He lost important evidence from my witness, and also evidence regarding the valuation of my property. The day of trial I was refused a jury trial as promised. The day of trial I was told they would not use my witness "because you know your witness and the judge will look unfavorable on it." I could not win my case without any witness. The judge said I should have had a witness. He said the Court could not award damages since my claim did not include bailment. His counterclaim was worthless. I lost $126, 000 in property and I was charged $19, 000 to get a $7, 500 judgment vacated, in addition to thousands of dollars in other legal expenses. According to the Judge, the Court could not award any damages since my counterclaim neglected to include bailment, and I should have presented a witness, which of course I had.

I feel Sullivan either never cared about winning my case, or intentionally lost my case because he lost my import evidence needed at trial.

As follows is a letter from Keefe indicating the settlement he promised:

From: John Keefe ([protected]
Sent: Thu 10/16/14 4:33 PM
To: Tony Raymond' ([protected]

Mr. Raymond;
I think it would indeed be appropriate and I thank you for your email.
I would respectfully ask that you pull down the commentary as to my father who has worked very hard to maintain an impeccable reputation in the law. I am happy to discuss this further with you as well as commentary regarding Patrick bartels.
Last, we discussed your posting re lori dvorak and the language contained therein that refers to our firm which goes beyond your criticism of ms. Dvorak. Please consider this amendment to your posting of her as we have discussed in the past.
In the near future I will be prepared to make a financial settlement but need to allocate funding to do so and enable us both to clear the decks from both of our vantage points. I just wanted you to know that I have not forgotten and am happy to negotiate this now and work on a stepped approach to achieve our mutual goal.


  • Resolution statement

    Anthony Raymond 973 Circle Drive Baltimore, MD 21227 410-247-0837 Keefe Bartels has resolved any and all issues between us to my complete and utter satisfaction. I hereby retract everything I have posted online about the law firm of Keefe Bartels LLP, and its individual attorneys, employees and principals. Tony Raymond

Jul 8, 2015

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