Stephen & Joann Grace on the move / Stephen & Joann Grace on the move hit a car dealer in California

1 CA, United States

Stephen & Joann Grace on the move again Beware!!! In the past week Stephen and Joann the modern day “Bonnie & Clyde” of fraud and scams, in a Gypsy style lifestyle again has made an effort to fraud a car dealer in California. They both along with the mother now in on this fraud scheme work to purchase a car, truck and camper. Yes camper. Remember my word Gypsy. Need a trailer I guess to stay on the move thinking they are one step ahead of the authorities and their scam. They had this dealer make over $2000 in improvements. Problem is even though they want a camper they were never going to buy the car, truck and camper in the first place.
The question has been what are they trying to gain? That is the sickness now obvious in Stephen and Joann is they get a high as Sociopaths of letting ones believe they are in control even though they will always fail and never come through. If they gain something out of you, money, meals who knows, like this dealer out $2000 on improvements because they understood it was a quick cash deal BEWARE. They never will come through. By the way he is no longer talking about his fortune coming from his Grandfather Picos estate. No, it now has changed again to him selling over 25 Sonic's in Arkansas. Sold over 25 Sonic's in Arkansas. This guy has a brain full of BS that only he and Joann believe and sadly uses that to deceive others.
If you see them or hear of them doing any such act please call [protected] or the authorities listed above. Probably will now have another warrant out for his arrest in California on top of the 3 already in the national database. Stephen has fled his probation in Arkansas among the other warrants for his arrest and soon Joann’s. Very well could be the mother Sharon as she is right along their side the whole time while real-Estate deals are being contracted and cars are trying to be bought. All will be held accountable for their acts.
Have already taken advantage of their family in California that has just learned of their scan and fraud.

Stephen & Joann Grace on the move

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