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1 Australia

I took your internet offer up as an introductory trial at special price as was offered. I had the following two deductions debited to my Credit Card account -
30 August AUD5.01 and a second also
30 August AUD5.16.

Since these deductions I have had the following deductions taken from my Credit Card. May I add that I did not request further deliveries of the product but the company have taken it upon themselves to just go ahead and send more. The following are unauthorised deductions -
12 September AUD135.13
14 September AUD130.81
27 September AUD140.54
6 October AUD135.82

There has been over AUD500.00 taken from my Credit Card Account which I have not authorised.

I am requesting that you ceases immediately from sending any more of your product to me and take no further unauthorised payments from my Credit Card Account. If you would like to refund the unauthorised deductions I'll be happy to return the product to yourself. Please don't force this issue to the extent that I have to go to my Bank and have my Card cancelled.

Many thanks

Oct 25, 2017

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