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I ordered a top for my mother's birthday on may 30th, 2018. I was emailed a fulfillment confirmation and a ups tracking number. The order sat in pending status for four days so I emailed customer service to check the status. Never received a reply. Called into customer service and was informed that the ups tracking number was actually a usps tracking number. They assured me that the order was on the way. No change in tracking status on usps. Called again and was told that the issue would be researched. No call back. Called and spoke to an agent who told me that the order needed to be cancelled and she would give me a full refund. Received an email informing me that I would be getting a third of the refund. Call again tonight to ask why I did not receive the entire refund as the top never shipped (which stein mart themselves can confirm by using their bogus tracking number they provided me. The agent told me that my issue is now under review and would take seven days. I replied that if I did not receive my full refund for a top that never shipped my next call would be to the corporate offices. I will never deal with this company again and will advise everyone I know to steer clear.

Tracking number - ups or usps? 9274890108451712025654
Order number: [protected]

Jun 08, 2018

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