Steinhafel'sDefective Product


Within two weeks of receiving our "new" Sealy Posturpedic Mattress, we knew something was wrong. After making three seperate trips back to the store to 1). ensure we had the correct product 2). confirm that what we had was not the same quality as what the store was selling 3). talking with our original sales person, we contacted the customer service department.

A mattress technician was sent to the house. The follow up letter from this visit said there was nothing wrong on their (Steinhafel's) end and we were to contact the Sealy Company; we promptly did as instructed. Sealy's response was to go back to Steinhafel's as it was their problem. Now we have two large companies each saying the problem was not there's. Again, we contacted Steinhafel's and a technician was dispatched.

The mattress begins to sag siginficantly after laying on it for 15 minutes. Two (average sized) adults will actually form a "V" in the center, yet we are told nothing is wrong, it's a matter of comfort. This is not a comfort issue but rather a manufacturing defect. The immediate area around the edge of the mattress is fine.

We asked Steinhafel's to send two technicians to demonstrate that this problem does not appear when simply looking at, or measuring the mattress. This has not happened. We have even offered to deliver the mattress to them so they could "test it" overnight. No takers on this one either.

Though this mattress was very expensive, it is not about the money; we don't want that back. We simply wanted the mattress we looked at and tested in the store. Over the years we have shopped (and bought) regularly from Steinhafel's and never had a complaint until now.

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