[Resolved] Steeplecrest Childcare, LLC / owner

5 11202 Steeplecrest dr houston tx 77065, Houston, TX, United States
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This daycare, I just feel sorry for the children and employees. The owner is a selfish unappreciated human. All he cares about is taking money from parents and saying one thing when they go and check out the daycare. Once the kid is enrolled everything that he said is out the door. He makes some of the teachers work by themselves so he won't spend so much money in payroll. He would make one teacher work by herself with 35-40 kids (ration 1 teacher to 26 kids) or one teacher with 7-8 babies (ratio 1 teacher to 5 babies). He treats his employees like if they were his own kids. He doesn't care if your child is sick or if you are sick, he wants you to be at work. He treats the woman with no respect, he talks down on them. He is also racist, he made numerous racist comments to me. But when he needs something from you to do personal favors, like taking his kids to soccer or gymnastic practice or anything envolling his family thats when he is all nice. If you can't take them he gets mad at you like if its your fault. Than he has his 70 year old mom working there and sometimes you forget who the owner is because she would put her 2 cent in everything. She is very very rude to the kids and employees, she criticizes you if you have kids, is catholic, gay and FAT! If she doesn't like you she will tell his son and he will fire you for no reason. If you ever work at this facility be prepare to get treated like dirt and expect nothing in return, not even a Thank You.

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