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Review updated: is owned by Jordan James Snell and some of his business friends who help him scam customers. They are fraud I paid him $4200 for a unlimited eBay seller account with no limits and also a account. Since paying the money I have not heard a thing.

I have phoned the UK police today who are going to help me trace this person and bring him to justice.

Feb 04, 2017
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  • Ge
      Apr 05, 2017

    Total rip offs. Scammed me for over $10, 000 for a Powerseller that I bought. Have yet to receive anything nor have any emails from him. Can't even reach him anymore. This is the whole reason why he accepts payments with no buyer protection.

    Do not for any reason send him any money at all. He will not send you anything. All his reviews and testimonials are all fake.

    Should have listened to Auction Essistance when they said they had numerous clients who have been scammed by them. But I was too hard headed to believe them.

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  • Se
      Jun 26, 2017

    Horrible. Ripped us off for 10 UK payPal accounts that we purchased. Should have read the reviews before buying from these people. Glad someone took down this guy's website.

    Took everyone's recommendation and bought from these people:

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  • Em
      Aug 12, 2017

    Total scam. Should have read the reviews before attempting to purchase a top rated seller account. Absolute thief. This guy is a conartist. He should be slapped and hung. Total waste of money that I have yet to receive back or the account. All because of this [censor] monkey.

    Should have purchased my stuff from the Aspkin forums as they are trusted people.

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  • Em
      Apr 05, 2018

    Silly you! If you want to buy a eBay account from a trusted company visit

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  • Ol
      Feb 15, 2019

    I can confirm. Hi is a acammer. His ISQ [protected]

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  • Ma
      Aug 31, 2019

    Hello I wanna say I’m in this buissnes long time .i bought accounts from almost every site online . I never was so disappointed like with this guy. First think is you wanna buy high feedback account, he doesn’t have them, he will try make them and delay all process for weeks, or will try give you aged accounts instead . Then when you buy more he will ignore you, will answer every mails or message, but I the end of the day he will not give you what you payed for, he’s rude and mean person hard to communicate .
    I got only 60% what I payed for rest I never got I wasted around 1000£ with this guy . Is this scam yes it is. Stay away there is other services there why would you risk it .
    He accounts are also poor quality . With feedback there are trigger red flags, info mails are not correct, no sims, doesn’t wanna post phone number .
    I am telling you stay away from this guy, if you don’t read this again and write something below

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  • Ha
      Sep 26, 2019

    Its big scammer, he dont have anything he just get your money and then you will get nothing, keep making excuses for few days then simply block you

    He took £500 from me going to report to police i got his location
    Dont give any money all +ve reviews are fake.

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  • Da
      Oct 11, 2019

    Lisa Matthrews also works with this chap!

    Need money back?

    Contact bank and say push button scam!
    Leave review on amazon products so you can tell the world the type of person she is.
    Contact paypal if you paid by paypal.
    Report her to the turkish visa department.
    Start small claims court quickly
    Contact police here in the uk
    Here is the local police station call [protected]

    She has a retirement visa she isnt meant to be working abroad.

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