Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / revolting lack of hygiene as well as care for restaurant

Auburn Hills, MI, United States

We went to steak and Shake at 2:15am on October 25th. The restaurant was empty and there was food scattered over a majority of the tables. One worker was inside while one was outside smoking in their car. The service was fine until my fellow diner who ordered a turkey club opened his sandwhich to put ketchup on it and found a large cooked moth on top of his bacon. We called the server over who did apologize and said would make a new one when I asked for a shake and she told me she put the machine away for the night and wasn't making them. For the looks of the restaurant she wasn't cleaning the machine. She comes back with his sandwich and at this point I lost my appetite didn't eat my food And my friend who had the moth couldn't eat his either. She did come to see if it was ok however, when we went to get the bill- no one came to our table we went to the counter no one was in the restaurant at all. We waited a few minutes for one to walk in from their car parked outside. She told us the lady would be in to help. She charged him full price for a moth in his sandwhich and ignored my questioning and as we walked out she followed to go back to her car. Again leaving the restaurant full of dirty tables still full of food. Used to love our late night trips to steak and shake but will sadly not be returning to the Great Lakes Crossing location again, and not to a steak and shake for a while either.

Oct 25, 2017

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