Steak and Shakeslippery floors & very poor food preparation

04-29-2017: we entered Steak & Shake in Hilliard Ohio @ 10:20 am; to begin with I slipped on wet & "Greasy" Floor, wet floor sign was only posted after I slipped and twisted myself, I am a Senior Citizen but even waitresses were slipping on the floor.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hilliard, OHOnce we were seated & finally waited on (approx 15 min wait) we both ordered Homestyle Breakfast (one w/Hash Browns & other w/Silver Dollar Potatoes, waitress returned & said we are out of Hash Browns, & we still had not been served coffee or water (another 15 min wait) Waitress did apologize but it only gets worse!!! When food was finally served @ 11:25 am (1 hour 5 min) after we were seated, I/we ordered eggs over medium, however mine were Hard & food was barely warm; I refused to eat this food because it wasn't what I ordered, after another 10 min trying to get waitress attention, she sent Manager over & he said "Do you want new Eggs?" of course I replied "Yes I want new eggs only if I don't have to wait another hour!" 20 min later, Manager returned w/eggs, I asked what took soooo long again time wise & he replied, "it takes longer to cook Over Medium Eggs!" At this time, the rest of my food was "COLD!" I asked Manager, "What do u want me to do with this cold food, & he asked" Do you want me to take it away or WHAT???? Consequently, I only drank coffee & did not eat cold food! Manager did cover the meal(s) cost but he did not apologize nor did he show his face again; he left everything up to the Waitress! After all this trouble, I left very "FRUSTRATED & HUNGRY!" This was totally unacceptable (even if Manager did pay for my Husband's food!)

Apr 29, 2017

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