Staybridge Suites / prepayment and holds for double the amount

I prepaid more than one month in advance for a three night stay at Staybridge Suites on Emerald Parkway, which was charged to my account on October 27, 2008 through HOLIDEX Plus. We checked in and generally had a nice stay. We did not authorize any charge while there. I tried to use my credit card and it was refused in front of my relatives which was embarrassing. I found out this morning that the hotel held the entire purchase price of $472.83 again on the 26th of November when we checked in, even though the entire amount had been prepaid in full. This is an unauthorized charge or theft. If not removed immediately, one could complain to the police. The person at the desk today, Jessica, was extremely unhelpful saying "well, it's not my fault. I didn't check you in". Then, “Well we have to do that to get paid." There should be no further charges to an account when they are prepaid in full. We had this trouble 2 years ago when we stayed there but that clerk straightened it out before we left. I will never prepay through this company again since their staff have messed it up both times. I am also posting this warning on line so that others are warned of their practices.


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