Staurt Allan and Associates / Inconsiderate and RUDE

1 NE, United States

I owed less than $500 in bad credit. I reached out to this company for help. I wanted to fix this littl ebit of credit. However as a single parent and only working part time, it became a struggle for me to make my MINIMUM payment of only $25 for the month of December. These people called me and basically told me I made an agreement and I needed to pay it. When I tried to explain that it being a rough time of the year for me the lad basically told me it was my problem not hers and she is not there to be my therapist. I feel sorry for these people or people like her. Needless to say thanks to her I am just gonna nbit that bullet and take it for the team. I will sit on that $450 debt. May God put some peace in her soul and help her sleep at night!!

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