State of Illinois not doing their job / Willfully not paying

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James Edward Dobrowski, DOB 10/17/1972, owes $49941.91 in past due child support. Has changed jobs 10+ times since 1997 to avoid paying child support. When he is found he holds a job anywhere from a few weeks to a year before he gets tired of paying and quits. He avoids paying by getting jobs that pay under the table or finding someone to shack up with until they learn the truth about him and kicks him out or he finds another 'easy' mark to live with. He belongs in jail.

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  • Fe
      Aug 25, 2009

    I completely agree with your complaint. I am owed nearly $34, 657 and have only received a penny from mutual agreements between him and I. NO HELP FROM MACON County, Illinois!

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  • Ea
      Oct 31, 2009

    My ex is in IL and I'm in FL he ran back to IL because he may of been going back to jail for abuse, I know he is working and I have his address, I just have no one to go find out if he has his own truck or is working under the table for someone ( he is a truck driver), it is slow going when your out of state, the next step they say is contempt of court, my ex sound's just like this James, since my daughter will have nothing to do with him because he is an abuser he likes to beat up his wife's and kids the courts will not let him have visitation right's alone with her so he feels he does'nt have to pay for her!! great dead beat dad!! he lives in a town called Marengo IL 60152 his name is Nick, it is a farm type rental home away from everyone!! if anyone has information on his working please let me know, thanks

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  • Si
      Mar 16, 2010

    My ex currently owes over $53, 000 in back due support. The last payment I received for our 2 children was early January and it was less than $20.00. He keeps changing jobs to avoid paying. He knows as long as there is not a 90-day gap between payments, he can't go to jail, no matter how much he owes. Even with the amount he owes, the state won't post him to the deadbeat website, because he avoids having the before mentioned 90-day gap. I know that living in Illinois, especially the Chicagoland area, there is no way he can have only a part-time job that he makes less than $50 a week at and survive. So he has to have a job that is paying him under the table. In 1997, when the amount for child support was set, the arbitrator asked him if there was anything he wanted (visitation) and he said no. He even went on to say as we left that he would do whatever it takes to avoid paying the court ordered support, which is exactly what he has done. The state needs to crack down on deadbeats like my ex. I have pointed out how he keeps switching jobs and moving and not reporting the changes to the state (which the state says he has 10-days to report any change in employment or home address), which is willfully try to avoid paying and they do nothing to him. He is suppose to be paying $82.62 weekly for our children plus another $22 in back due support. I have figured that in the past 13 years he has had over 10 jobs that the state has tracked him down at. Once the find him, he stays for a little while and eventually quits. I found this much out from a rep at the state who was kind enough to look into the record and tell me exactly what was going on. Come on, how can the state not come to the same conclussion that I have. THIS IS WILLFULLY NOT PAYING CHILD SUPPORT. He and those like him need to be arrested. The state needs to do their job.

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