State Florida Department of Children and FamiliesNotice


I represent many consumers. I am a single mother who got laid off. I applied for foodstamps online. The notice was printed out on 8/18. The Envelop was stamped on 8/19. I received the letter on 8/21 at 300pm(The time the mailperson drives by). In the letter of notice I, there was a phone interview for the competion of the application. The deadline was on 8/21 between 9am-11am. What is wrong with this picture. Don't these people know that there is a high volume of unemployment rate in florida (Central) and a 2 hour window is not enough for cunsumers like us to call in knowing that the high volume of calls they are getting. This applies with the notice as well. I feel that their system was setup to do this type of action so many is unable to receive help..I hope Obama sees this fraudelent struture of office procedures.

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