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I transferred my auto insurance policy from KS to VA. My KS agent put me in contact with a Virginia Beach agent and provided him my information. The Virginia Beach Agent upon transferring my information from KS which included me and my daughter in the policy failed to include my daughter and only quoted me for a policy for myself. However, the agent did not notify me he was providing a quote for only me and not my daughter. The amount I was being asked to pay was close to the rate in KS so I was not aware that I should be asking more questions to make sure the insurance policy was transferred correctly and mirrored the policy I had in KS.

Later I start to receive bills with increasing amounts in Nov. and Dec. I am not certain as to why the increase so in December I cancelled my policy and went with Geico saving over $200 per month. However, once I cancelled my policy I inquired regarding the install payment I paid and the amount of refund or credit due. I later learned that upon transferring my account from KS to VA the agent failed to include my daughter and now I was being back billed on the account and therefore the install payment I made was being used towards back billing that I was not aware of and was not my mistake. I tried on several occasions to reconcile my concern. If I had been notified on the date of transfer from KS that I was going to be billed $344 for auto insurance I would have never accepted the policy. I was forced to accept this amount as my information was not transferred correctly and I was not notified upon my account transfer that the rate was increasing by over $100.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Virginia Beach, VA

When I contacted the agent regarding the issue they were not willing to research the details of the changes in my account and the actions taken upon my transfer. I submitted to them support of my insurance in KS and asked for a follow-up. They have not responded after several attempts to contact them. The Statefarm agent screwed up my transfer and there was no reconciliation regarding the matter.

Agents Office:
Sharon Lynch (head agent) 757.430.9000
Hillary Long (contacted on several occasions to reconcile issue)
Joseph Farrauto (agent who wrote my policy incorrectly upon transfer)

There should be some sort of concession for this matter as my records were not transferred correctly and I was not notified prior to accepting the policy that my bill was going to increase. I feel I was duped and I paid the price. I work hard for my money and seek ways to save. Because of the agents failure I was taken for more than what I should have been expending. I am asking for an account credit for my troubles in this matter. As the carelessness of the agents cost me more than what I would have spent otherwise. Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.

P.S. I still have other insurances not with this agent. However, after this encounter I have been seriously considering cancelling everything. I took a lot of time from my job to call the Statefarm agent to reconcile this issue to no avail. I would appreciate a credit for my troubles that were the mistake of the office and not my own.

Dissatisfied Customer,

Tyra Green

Jan 28, 2017

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