State Beauty Supplyroute driver

This driver has been repeatedly told for the last six months by not just by every State Beauty Supply employee but his supervisor to deliver to the side door not the front door and to not leave any packages at the front counter.

There is a designated area in the back which he has been repeatedly shown where to leave the packages but he refuses to abide, leaving them at the front counter where are representatives are busy assisting our customers.

This driver has been continuously told to park on the side of the building but instead he whips in our front parking area at high rates of speed. This is a major safety concern for the foot traffic in the parking lot, especially for the young children walking home from the grade school next door.

This driver is untrainable and refuses to do as he's told. If for nothing else but the safety of our customers and employees we are hereby officially requesting his immediate removal from our route.

We are also officially notifying you that if any harm comes to anyone or anything on our property because of his actions we will be seeking legal action against UPS.

Jul 27, 2018

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