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Dear All, I want to share my (worst) experience with SBI to everyone. I'm basically from Chennai and relocated to Saudi Arabia last year. I have opened one NRI account in SBI on January 2011. now it's almost 6 months completed. Till now I didn't received my ATM card and internet banking letter. I never seen like this worst service before and that too for NRI service.
Is this because of government related? or every government offices are like this? shameless India...I hate indian goverment

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  • Ni
      Jan 19, 2013

    I would suggest never open account with SBI. I sent a cheque for Rs. 15000/- to my friend in India and it was not cleared by bank on the ground that the cheque book issued is obsolete. Inspite of various request, they never sent me new cheque book. The bureauecracy is at the highest level in SBI. Once they have grabbed your money, they won't care or respond to your requests. Their websites don't work properly. For NRI, it could be a very bad experience.

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  • Pa
      Feb 12, 2013

    I agree with you, I tried to take home loan but instead of helping me they given me very complicated suggestion which will never help me to take home loan from SBI. Recently they are deduction irreverent tax from my NRO A/c balance which is total wrong as my balance is not coming tax category and addressing this matter from last one year so for no action and no is ready to reply...

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  • Br
      Aug 22, 2013

    NEVER OPEN AN NRE ACCOUNT IN SBI !!! Totally unprofessional and rude customer service.

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  • Mo
      Aug 12, 2014

    dear may be u have any problem with your home adress 3 months back i open a nri account in my hometown with in 3 months i get ATM cheq book and internet banking plz dont tell like this

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  • Kr
      Jun 27, 2016

    Yes, SBI has ZERO customer service. My branch in Mumbai doesn't even provide a number you can call. The numbers listed on their business cards are 'not registered' i.e. bogus/invalid. Even the mail SBI website lists the same numbers. I have complained several times but they haven't done anything about it. The only one number they have that connects is the fax line! This shows they are doing this on purpose so that customers can't call and DISTURB them. Emails are rarely answered, and if they are, the response will be a short, 1 line, message that will be vague and incomplete!
    If you live in India then you can deal with them. If they don't respond by e-mail or phone, you can go personally to the branch and face them. However, if you live overseas, then it is much much more frustrating! I would avoid SBI .

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  • Mr
      May 30, 2017

    we made a complain to SBI NRI Branch Jallandar where we hold the account as our account was hacked and money taken out.
    First it took them four days to just lodge the complain then another week for complain number.
    Since then we have send twenty two email to Jallandar, ludhiana and chandigarah NRI office but we hade email from Jallandar branch saying they looking into the case, but NOTHING from Ludhiana or Chandigaragh
    It is very frustrating that whwn you call tephone number you given on internet nobody answer them
    Mr. Dalbir Nahal.

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  • Pr
      Jun 23, 2017

    PM Modi is wasting his time and energy change these Babus, whether they are located in India or USA, low level or on higher post. My brother-in-law requested to open an account some 30 years ago. To contact someone in Mumbai, or here in USA is chore. They expert in hanging up phones. I spent complete night chasing them and the 866-328-4209 service provided me no existing phone number. The lady in New York branch was so much was in rush, she hung up phone before I could finish sentence. Praful Shah, Houston, Texas

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  • Ma
      Feb 12, 2018

    This blank is going in hellll

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