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Startstone /jag uk / warranty

1 England, Cheshire, United Kingdom

In Oct 2007 i leased a Xtype S premium from Startstone Manchester.
Idecided to purchase the vehicle in Oct 2010 due to the fact it had only covered 33k miles and had been meticuosly maintained and driven with care.
I was surprised to be told by Stratstone the the car had failed its mot because the rear suspension hub was slightly bent . I was even more surprised to be told that the warranty had expired and therefore i was responsible for the cost of replacing the part. I spent hours on the phone trying to rectify their error and eventually Jag uk confirmed that the vehicle was still under warranty. Armed with this information I contacted Stratstone again who now agreed the car was covered but the damage was not and I would have to pay £600 for the replacement part( which was a completely different reason for not replacing it in the first place) i asked them to explain how such damage could be caused without causing damage to the surrounding parts i.e the wheel, wheel hub, drive shaft, rear end and side it is just impossible!. this particular part is made of 2 inches of solid steel! and is bolted to the chassis . I was told "it happens sometimes"!! I reluctantly part the cost of the replacement. I wrote a letter of complaint to Mr Geoff Cousin the MD of Jag UK ( who refused to answer my letter personally)demanding an explanation and a refund as it is clear that the part fitted was inferior, or if not then there is a design fault with this vehicle. I did recieve a letter from customer service which read "we have sympathy with your problem but we cannot assist you any further"!!!

I have owned/leased a number of jags over the years and i have to say that the standard of customer care compared to Audi /BMW is pretty poor, every time i have had a problem with one of my cars it has always had to go back to be fixed properly.
I currently own the x type and a xkr and I will not be replacing either of them with a car from Stratstone or Jaguar. In fact i am so angry with the way I have been treated I will never buy a car from Jaguar again.
I was considering buying a Land Rover from Statstone for my wife but opted instead for a Grand Cheeroke Overland from Kings.

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