StarHub / fibre broadband

The Internet was disconnected a few days back around 3am all of a sudden (don't question me why I didn't sleep at that time, I do notice your network extremely slow during that time for quite long). Called a few times each time got different answers without the problem being solved. Your staff kept on promising escalating the issue up to the sky, but when will it fall down on the earth? Latest reply was that the plaza singapora server(?) error. And staff promised to fixed it remotely but refused to make any commitment on when it can be fixed. I know StarHub is the rich boss, but to run business this way? I will make sure everyone around me and in Facebook hear this and decide for themselves for next sign up. 0 / 5 stars. Really sucks

  • Updated by Mihn, Mar 30, 2017

    If I do a cloudword of StarHub service, "transfer your call" and "escalate the issue" will take up half of the canvas

Mar 30, 2017

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