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Starbox Van Lines Inc. / The worst moving company ever!

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I hired this moving company to move my furniture from nyc to ca. They picked up my stuff on 06/29/07 the deal was to deliver my things to ca in 7 days. Now is 07/16/07 and our furniture still in the store in nj!!! They never called me to update me about when it suppose to leave nj. And every time i called the guy who did the original estimate most of the time he wouldn't answer his cell phone or if he did, he will give a new arrival date that is never true. As of now i don't know what's gonna happen.

Every time i call their toll free number, they will tell me the same lie over and over " the trailer is loaded and it will be leaving tomorrow". And tomorrow never come.

Its the worst ever company, group of lier!

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  • Tv
      28th of Jul, 2007
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    I'm nervous. Tomorrow I am awaiting the movers from this company to come to my apt however there is a problem. They never gave me a contract, never gave me something in writing guaranteeing the price they gave me. The website claims they do and yet after repeatedly asking them to do so and after being told that it was sent in the mail I am now a day away and still no contract in mail. To make situations and feelings more doubtful I was promised extra boxes and was told that it would be shipped to me in advance so that I can use it to pack. I never received that either. I suppose they expect me to pack while the movers are at my apt???

    I have tried contacting the Liorna girl and have left messages. I get either no call or the run-around. I speak with Gilly and keep getting the same run-arounds and empty promises. If these movers can't even ship my free boxes or a contract to me on time I wonder if they will even ship my property to my out of state location in time before classes start and I'm in an apartment that isn't habitable because my goods are with those company.

    My last gripe about this company is that the price quote, which I saved on the emails, was for a good agreed upon amount. I just received a message stating the quote to be a 100 dollars more now. I knew this would happen if I didn't receive my contract. Also, when I tried calling back the man apparently acted like he couldn't hear me and hung up. I tried calling again and no answer.

    I'm truthfully scared that these guys will not fulfill their strong worded oath they promise on the phone and on the website about the services they provide to customers.

    I will keep you updated on this site to inform you in a week whether or not I am enduring the same grief as the other person who complained above. Hopefully they'll be on time and if that is the case then I'll definitely praise them and recommend them if they can be a company who keeps their promise and delivers on time with quality, professionalism, and great service.

    Time will tell.

  • Me
      31st of Jul, 2007
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    When I contacted this company for a quote, I got a decent quote and said I would call back and them know if I will continue business with them. Practically, every day for almost 2 weeks, I would get a call from "the Liorna" girl bugging me to know if I had made a decision. I would also always get the "god bless you" and other religious references in hopes that this would show the company's sincerity and loyalty.

    Because they had a decent price and they found me the cheapest company to ship my car (which is another story), I decided to go with them. 2 days before they were supposed to arrive, they call me and tell me they need to come a day early. "Something came up" and they would rather spend more time the day before instead of rush on the scheduled day. I agreed but also got some free boxes and packing of the boxes, out of it. They arrive the next day, 3 hours late and leave by putting a hole in my wall and forgetting things I had asked them to take as well as leaving the screw-in leg of my couch by the wall.
    They also charged me for an entire case of packing tape, when they only used 14 (so they say) and then leave the 14 unused rolls in my apartment.

    They say there are no hidden fees but when they get to your place, boxes for the TV's and other things (including the tape!!!) add up. It's $3 per roll of tape!!!!!

    On the contract I asked my things to be delivered by 8/2 to Minneapolis. I called them yesterday, 7/30 to confirm arrival and low and behold, there is something wrong with the transmission on the truck. I call again today, 7/31, and the truck has not yet left. There is no telling when my things will arrive. Like you, I hope I don't end up waiting for weeks, Oussama.

    I'm very disappointed and angry and will make sure I have my way with this company. They are the most unreliable, unprofessional company I have ever worked with, and I have moved a few times like this. If we get enough complaints this way, we can probably contact the better business bureau!

    T.V.- I wish you luck!

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