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Star Vacations / Scam

1 FSarasota, FL, United States Review updated:

Last spring we attended the presentation on Fruitville Road because we wanted the free Mexico vacation they gave away as the incentive. We promised each other that we would not fall for any time shares or clubs since we had both previously been burned by time shares.

The presentation was wonderful! I usually put our trips together and we take a few each year, I spend hours on the computer looking for the best deals in nice places and put together our itineraries. They made it sound as if you would just call them up with your dates and destination and they would handle everything. So of course we said yes! They even gave us a discount on the fee down to only a few grand! We were stoked about using them - it was going to be a breeze to book vacations for now on - right!?!

WRONG! First let me start with the promised Mexico trip. We sent in the voucher with our chosen dates and followed the rules given plus sent in our $100 deposit. All three dates we chose came and went and we heard nothing from them! Once we started calling them we were not only given the run around but promised that someone was looking into it and would contact us back. NOPE! After months of threatening to go to the BBB they refunded us our $100 Mexico vacation deposit. There went he incentive!

And those $499 a week destinations they have…WRONG again! We planned a ski trip and called them six months in advance with our dates and destination. Two months out from our leave, we had no place to stay even though we contacted them weekly about it. We were told to hold out for ‘hot sheets’ with deeper discounted prices on them and were assured that all would be great. Two WEEKS out from our trip - we still had no place to stay. Getting desperate they told us they could book us at a wonderful ski resort for the $499...we couldn’t even find the resort they wanted to put us at on the maps! There was no information anywhere on line about the place they wanted to put us at so we said no thanks.

In the end we booked the trip ourselves in a place we found on Craigslist at a beautiful resort in Copper Mountain. The only thing Star did for us was book a hotel for us for while we were driving out to Colorado…although the rate they got it at was no lower than the rate I found it online for. No savings there. In fact the past year we have been members, Star has not come through for us one time! Any trip we have tried to book with them - they have returned our request with a great deal but during the wrong dates or wrong locations, no matter how many times we told them we couldn’t be flexible.

My advice (other than to keep your money and steer clear of these scam artists) is to do your research and book your vacation on your own. They cannot give you any better deals then what you can get yourself online. Even airfares we booked through them were the same prices online as to what we paid for with them booking it. So really - we paid some couple a few grand just to type in our reservations for us…they haven’t done anything that we couldn’t have done ourselves!



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  • Wh
      11th of Sep, 2007
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    Star vacations - Call do not call list
    United States

    They call even though I've sent the do not call list complaints; they say they are located in Del Mar... they keep calling once a month for the past 4 months... then I file another complaint with the do not call it website.

    I even filed a complaint with the AG of CAlifornia.

  • Wi
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    Star vacations - Multiple calls!
    United States

    I have received multiple calls over the last few months from Star Vacations. I am on the do not call list (registered 9/19/2004) and have repeatedly told them this. Last night (9/24/2007) I received a call about 6PM and then another call at 8PM. This company is out of control!

  • Sa
      29th of Jan, 2008
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    Star Vacations - Scam!
    Star Vacation
    529 Flatiron Blvd.
    United States
    Phone: 888-923-1327

    I got a call this evening from Star Vacations saying that I was a finalist in a sweepstakes I entered. First thing I thought about was that they called me on my home phone and I just moved and just got this new number (which I don't even know yet) so I thought it sounded like a scam. I don't give my home number out to anyone since I don't know it! I listened to all her (Georgia) information and was told that I was promised to win 1 out of 5 gifts (Lincoln Navigator, $45K, $2500, vacation for 2, or at the very least a 32" flat screen tv. All I had to do was come to the 1 1/2 hour presentation with my prize claim number and 2 forms of identification (ID and major credit card or check book). They were very aliment on asking if I was single (married, dating, etc). I still don't understand this but thought it seemed a little odd. Then I mentioned that I had my young child at the times they told me I could come (4pm, 6pm or 8pm) and they said kids weren't allowed (also very strange).

    Anyway, I was scheduled to go this Friday, Feb. 1st but I am not going since I found very similar information on this complaint board. I don't see any other complaints for Denver so maybe I can help prevent YOU from being scammed.

  • Je
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    Shell Vacations Club is a RIP OFF.

    We need more people to stand up together and get stronger. shell vacation victim please join my communite forum at

    Why would someone pay $400 a night with Shell Vacations Club points when you can stay at the same Hotel for $150 by booking with Expedia or other website. The economy is in real bad shape and we should let current owner NOT TO PURCHASE MORE POINTS AND MAKE SURE OTHER PEOPLE DO NOT GET SCAMMED ON THIS RIP OFF.
    Do not get fooled by FAKE positve comments made by Shell Vacations employees. Read what current pissed owners have to say about.

  • Re
      10th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    This couple are boyfriend and girlfriend. They wanted to book New Year's week in the Colorado Rockies. We offered him several condos for $500 for the week and he kept turning them down, as he was undecisive of whether or not they would be going and he would not tell her. We would not get involved with their private business. So she took it upon herself to book a $2, 000 a week condo. If she would have called us, we had several more condo locations in the Colorado Rockies for under $1.000. We do not claim to save anyone money on domestic airfare, which we clearly tell everyone. We have spent numerous hours, searching, quoting, booking and mostly canceling for this woman. We take pride in our work and what we have to offer.

    J Davis, President
    Jandar Corp/Star Vacations

  • Tr
      24th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes


    To whom it may concern. I'm a member and have had great results with the club. Being a member since 2002 I have traveled across the US and Hawaii dirt cheap to beautiful resorts. For example I went to Hawaii for 549.00 air fare and 5 star resort for 6 days. I traveled all over FL, CA, TX, UT, NV, IN, TN, KY, etc. This club has saved me thousands of dollars and is the best investment I have ever made except for my wonderful wife. For example I stayed at the Lehigh Resort (a 4 star resort) for 6 months for work at $200.00 a week when other visitors were paying $1200.00 to $1500.00 a week. Six months at $1000.00 savings a week is $4000.00 savings a month and $24, 000.00 savings in 6 months. The club membership paid for itself over and over again! I'm happy with the service and the savings. If you're not happy with the prices and service then nobody and or nothing can make you happy. Fair point! If they aren't doing what they say they can do then why after 17 years in business they have a A rating on their BBB Report? ? ? Anyone and everyone can complain to the BBB and if your complaints were true or valid your complaint would show up there. If you would take time to complain here on a useless site just used for advertising then I'm sure you tried complaining there first. I think you are a unhappy person and aren't happy with your life and complain about the sun rising and setting. Take a vacation or get a life. I'm not ashamed to post my name either. Why didn't you post your name? Could it be in fear of a fradulant claim, slander or legal action for false statements? Treme LaFonte from Sarasota Florida. 2009

  • Re
      16th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is Janet with Jandar Corp, dba "Star Vacations" NOT affiliated with Star Vacation "Club". You are referring to the marketing company, and I will relay your message to them. I am sorry, but it is not an easy job, and thank God they have work. As far as the certificate that you would have gotten for 90 minutes of your time, they are not provided by our organization, but from a third party. The cruise is with Royal Caribbean or Carnival depending on which port you choose to sail from, all are responsible for port charges and taxes.
    Yes, it is an enticement for couples to view our presentation. We do not pressure anyone to purchase, it is on their own free will. We have been in the area for 8 years and try very hard to do our best. We are conscientious and are here to help our travelers. We have thousands of clients and save them money on their travel, as well as service them. People are always so quick to say "Scam" when things do not go their way. We do have a "brag book" filled with emails and thank you from those we have helped. People that we do meet, say they had a pleasant time here, like us, whether they purchase from us or not. If I were always listening to others opinions, I would have missed out on some of the greatest opportunities. I am glad that I have my own mind and am not a follower.
    Have a Blessed Day. Janet

  • Re
      9th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    As you all can tell, this is an angry man, he owns Scenic Flights of St Pete's
    and is an airline pilot. I don't know if he's hurting for money, but the reason why
    he is so mad, is because I refuse to refund his membership fees after almost two years. Mike please respond to this statement I'll be waiting I have booked two trips
    for Mike, one trip, which he cancelled the day before his trip and the second one which
    he texted me "great hotel and great location thanks", and Mike didn't pay for either one
    trip. Mike, please have the courage to say this isn't so, I dare you to write back and say its not true, Because if you do I'll prove to the world what I believe you are OR you can repond by telling the truth and prove to me I'm wrong about you and so far the con job is you making statement that you never got what you wanted. Mike your acting
    like a juvenile.
    Darrell Carter

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